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Groups were assigned by professor and consisted of diverse students with various backgrounds. Our first task was writing group contract which involved participation of all group members and required closer contact among students. Tuckman’s Group Development Stages model can be used to show how our group worked together, as our ‘4U’ team had gone through each stage. Example of the forming stage was the first meeting when all group members tried to be polite and asked questions, such as ‘what is major?’, ‘what is your GPA?’, we tried to be kind to each other and be cautious to avoid misunderstandings in the beginning of our work. However, everything changed when we received the task to write contract and our group entered second stage of the Tuckman’s model. We experimented and tried to analyze who is doing better at brainstorming, writing, proofreading, and managing tasks. Therefore, some secondary tension occurred as all group members argued about topic, goals and norms we should establish. Our group consisted of four members which made it difficult to pass to third stage of Tuckman’s model. There was a conflict about topic; we had two ideas involving water quality problem and meal-plan issue. Both topics were interesting and challenging, there was an equal distribution of voices among these topics and group members openly disagreed, competed for a status and tried to persuade that their ideas are more important. There was not norming stage as separate, as conflicts occurred all the time, statuses of group members were also constantly changing. Group norms were continually adjusted and changing from the forming to performing stage. For instance, one of the explicit norms was that everyone should be prepared to the meeting (established during forming stage) and during performing stage we switched to computer based communication, usually chats that did not require any preparation and face-to-face meetings were usually done only to rehearse speech and listen to each other. Performing stage was actually writing contract and presenting it in our class, which should have passed to adjourning stage but because we needed to write a proposal our group did not disintegrate. Instead, interesting phenomena was seen some group statuses changed and new norms established, group passed to storming process again. Meirabek started to be more active and received dominant position and seen as emerging leader. Afterwards, because group norms were already discussed we directly moved to performing stage and adjourning respectively. Model did not explain all things occurred during group work, but it shows accurate prediction in which directions group will work and what issues might occur. After learning about model and primary tension our group tried to avoid it and try to be more productive and disagree to ideas of each other. However, secondary tension was more problematic and involved more time consumption. Our team did not directly resolve it, topic issue was first...

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