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Group Behavior Essay

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A group exists when two or more people define themselves as member of it and when its existence is recognized by at least one other. (Rupert Brown 1988). The group is a collection of individuals they accept the common task and their interdependent in their performance to promote its accomplishment through interaction with one another. On the other hands group behavior originate from the grounds that contribute to the group’s efficiency. Other groups interconnect with groups function they expand their own exclusive set of uniqueness they also develop group structure in which they have cohesiveness, role, norms and process. Group may participate with other groups when groups are work together, and inter group competition which is also built the conflict. Group behavior has been a subject of considerable study in mid 20th century (Alford, 1994; Brown, 2001; Hogg, 2000). We describe the group development we found that group dynamics consists of a set of technique which is related to the internal nature of the group. Significant goals and developing events early in the group’s life is very helpful. Group size should be in-between 5 to 7 members that are the best elements of both small and large groups. Stages of groups development is Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing.

Forming is the first stage when we try to build the group, which is characterizing by a lot improbability. Initial objective is often just to get aware, the group new members habitually are polite, nice and reserved. The group members naturally remain their true emotion personal. The group members are trying to decide what behavior is suitable throughout the group activities. On the other hand a huge deal of ambiguity exists concerning the group’s purpose, structure and leadership.
Storming is the second stage in group development which is illustrate by intra group conflict. The plan of this phase is predictable some disagreement and make an effort to fix it. The group members face conflicts appear over tasks, behavior, goals and leadership. On the other hands competition in between group members is also predictable, group member spoken their feelings strongly, and group members also refuse to accept the constraint to individuality.

Norming is the third stage of group development that is describe by close relationships and cohesiveness. The group members should system regulations to rule the group. They should take different opinion since individuals are accepted. The group should help some aspect which connected to group goals. The group member must be developing a common sense of task and identity of the group. Group members must focus on close relations so group cohesiveness grows.
Performing is the fourth stage in group development once the group is fully functional. In this scenario group members make the roles which are understood and received it. The group members should mutually dependent battle which takes place. It is most important in group behavior that...

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