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In the partial fulfillment of the assignment work ofORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR (MB 102)Submitted to:-Ms. Gaganpreet KaurLecturerOrganizational BehaviorDepartment of Business StudiesSubmitted by:-Bhupinder SinghM.B.A 1st SemesterSahibzada Ajit Singh Institute of Information TechnologyC-124, Phase VIII, Sector-72, ELTOP, SAS Nagar, MohaliINDEXS.No TOPIC PAGE NO.1. Introduction 12. Meaning 13. Group Formation 24. Types of Groups 35. Stages of Group Development 76. Why do people join Groups? 107. The Structure of Group Interaction 118. Group Decision Making 169. Group Decision Making Techniques 1710. Teams 2011. Styles among Team Members 2212. Characteristics of Successful 23 Groups and Teams13. Team Composition 2514. Team Development 2615. Conclusions 27-1-IntroductionThis assignment is about work groups in organizations--groups such as the pit crews at stock-car races, the Zebra teams that reenergized the black and white photo processing unit at Eastman Kodak, a football team, an engineering work group, or a group of nurses working the night shift at a local hospital.Groups and communication in groups are the building blocks of organizations and of social life. When people get together and talk in groups, things can happen. The challenge of group dynamics, therefore, is learning how to manage the energy of groups, whether in the kitchen, office, or manufacturing plant.This assignment explores the nature of individual behaviour in groups and teams, including the structuring, development, and improvement of group and team interaction. A model of communication is also presented, which highlights the importance of effective communication to successful group and team functioning.MeaningA group can be defined in terms of perceptions, motivation, organization, interdependencies, and interactions. A group is defined as two or more individuals, interacting and interdependent, who have come together to achieve particular objectives.According to Marvin Shaw, "A group is two or more persons who interact with one another such that each person influences and is influenced by each other person."Another definition of group is, "an organized system of two or more individuals who are interrelated so that the system performs some function, has a standard set of role relationships among its members, and has a set of norms that regulate the function of the group and each of its members."So groups have a function-they serve a purpose and groups have a structure-they are organized to pursue their functions effectively.-2-Group FormationGroups are formed to satisfy both organizational and individual needs. They form in organizations because managers expect people working together in groups will be better able to complete and coordinate organizational tasks. Organizations of all types are forming teams to improve some aspect of the work, such as productivity or quality.Individuals join groups to satisfy a need. An employee may join a work group to get or keep a job....

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2099 words - 8 pages andcompromise necessary for the government to function. As the UnitedStates becomes more extreme in its beliefs ingeneral, group polarization and competition, which requires a mutualexclusivity of goal attainment, will lead to more'showdown' situations in which the goal of good government gives way topolitical posturing and power-mongering.In this paper I will analyze recent political behavior in terms of twofactors: Group behavior with an emphasison


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1681 words - 7 pages individual in an organization. In the other hand, social psychology investigates the influence from one person to another as well as the behavior of a group of people within an organization. Sociology studies people in relation to their social environment or culture whereas anthropology emphasis on the study of human beings and their activities. The contributions of these disciplines will eventually form up the organizational behavior which will affect

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2152 words - 9 pages teaching appropriate behaviors (Conroy, Marsh, Snyder, & Sutherland, 1987). The Good Behavior Game (GBG) is a contingency group game designed to improve the teachers ability to define tasks, set rules and discipline students, reduce disruptive aggressive, off-task and shy behaviors in elementary aged children and promote good behavior by rewarding teams that do not exceed maladaptive behavior standards (Conroy, Marsh, Snyder, & Sutherland, 1987

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1286 words - 6 pages As Human beings, we want to feel needed and to be a part of a something. The study of group dynamics is greatly influenced by social psychology. A social psychologist focus on human behavior in a group or individual settings. Group dynamics are strongly influenced by the members in the group. The group must be joined together: for a common goal, and motivated by some personal reason to be part of a group. (Page 7) A structured relationship

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2085 words - 8 pages observation was designed to be as unobtrusive as possible without impeding Allan’s behavioral assessment.      Throughout this period characteristics of Allan’s behavior began to emerge. This included tendencies to stare dazedly around the classroom without paying any attention to his teacher or his work. While other students responded to questions and interacted confidently with each other for group activities, Allan

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