Group Career Counseling, Is It Really Beneficial?

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I believe group career counseling could be a valuable forum for career development. In terms of education, exploration, and sill development, I echo the books notion that group career counseling could be beneficial for a variety of topics. I feel more specifically it could benefit individuals in terms of interview preparation, resume building, job searching, and networking. As well, I think group counseling could be beneficial for individuals with limited financial resources that are need of general career support. Obviously, individuals seeking this kind if help would need to find a more support type of group rather than an educational group.
For more informational and educational groups I would be centered on more short-term sessions or events. These shorter sessions I would gear around gear toward a group size of 9-15. I think the larger size would be acceptable because of the educational nature of the content. According to Gillombardo, who has done research on group career counseling in secondary education, found that when career-planning activities were implemented, counselors would hold one-time seminars to a large group of students in order to provide information in a timely manner. Within these large group seminars, the school may provide information on post-secondary education and careers, but not necessarily help the students learn about their interests and values regarding careers (2005, p. 8). Obviously, this research validates the use of young adults in a school setting. However, the principles would be just of valuable in a professional setting.
In terms of more support based group I would keep the size of the group smaller, with a maximum limit of 8. I feel that since we are potentially dealing with more of counseling issues and support the more individual contact is called essential. Additionally, with a larger group the support the assistance would not be as affective. As well, I think the smaller group would provide an internal support network for the group members to create lasting connections and to generate additional resources. According to Gillombardo, career counseling in small groups would provide the counselors the opportunity to meet with more individuals at once while providing individualized information. Using groups would allow the students to explore their own self, hear others’ fears and desires, and gain knowledge about the working world (2005, p. 9). I think the implication is clear that group counseling is a beneficial for supportive measure. As well, I think the general assertion the benefits of group counseling would be equally of fruitful in a professional setting.
One of the premises that I have about career counseling in general is that it is a lifelong process. Without question there needs to be a guidance system in place to help individuals navigate the world of work in term of their stage in life. I can see how the career and development process can see daunting and overwhelming. ...

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