Group Communication And Conflict Essay

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“Role conflict can arises when these expectations about how to play a role or set of roles are inconsistent in some way” (Losh, pg. 89). Role conflict is a type of social conflict caused from an individual being forced to take on separate and incompatible roles. Role conflicts usually occur when an individual becomes torn between separate roles for different organizations or groups or within an organization, when an individual is asked to perform multiple roles in the same group. An employee with both work and management roles in a department, for example, assumes the conflicting roles of the supervisor and co-worker. Many feel as though most role conflicts occur because of multiple obligations to different groups role conflicts can also occur within a one organization. When individuals have various conflicting responsibilities role conflicts tend to cause friction and frustration depending of the personality of the individual. While conducting my research I saw a lot of this going ground from the Customer Assistant Specialist’s, Medical Communication Specialist’s, Consultant Nurse’s, Pharmacists and especially the floaters. Many of the employees look extremely frustrated and overwhelmed. It appears that even though we are complying with client needs we are hurting our employees at the end of day. We are forcing our employees to basically handle 2-3 positions in 1 to make the client satisfied. The client request for someone to be online all day but wants them to manage to do call backs as well. That task is impossible considering the fact we have such a high call volume. The problem appears to be there are not enough people on this particular project. We are spreading our employees to thin. We are pushing our employees away and into the hands of other companies, many of them which are our competitors. We need to create a plan to let the client know what is going on in our organization. We have to make them understand that we also are running a business. We do not want to gain a negative reputation. The best way to resolve any resolution is open and good communication with the client and our employees. It is extremely critical to limit the tension of role conflicts and make them aware that all members within the organization are experiencing the same issues as they are. We also ensure that we were going to fix the staffing issue and/or make sure they are compensated in some way for working so hard and dedicating themselves to the company. That is another way we can resolve the role conflicts. Earlier in the class we discussed the 100 Best Place to Work. Several employees stated that they come to work more relaxed because they are compensated whether it is through additional Paid Time Off, employee discounts, and etc. An underpaid and overworked employee equals conflict.
When working in a group, communication is key. Without communication, the main objectives of the group will suffer. Communication...

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