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Group Development In Fis, A Consulting Services Company Worldwide

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FIS is a consulting services company that provides services worldwide; the company was involved in an off-shore project of designing training materials that required the formation of a project team, team members were expected to work effectively together and integrate their work in a successful manner that meets the team’s goals and each member has to interact with the client in order to meet its needs. Working in teams can sometimes be stressful which could affect negatively the progress of the team and its ability to succeed, according to Maylor (1996) that the Project is a set of non-repeated tasks that are executed with clear objectives and limited timescale, and that all ...view middle of the document...

The conflict between the team members also included the team leader and project manager; in this case the conflict could result in communicating less frequently with the leadership or to increase the conflict by confronting the leadership and that is what Sara did when she challenged the Rishi the team leader when he tried to undermine its experience and skills and also she confronted Philly the Project manager when he tried to manipulate her with the deadlines. Conflicts during this stage can be used to strengthen the team cohesiveness and if it’s durable it can lead to destructive consequences, and that what happened with the FIS project team, all of its conflicts remained unresolved which made him dysfunctional.
The third stage in the group development is norming where the group members become harmonized and without any conflicts and ready to perform, in this stage the group members form a culture that helps them in resolving all the conflicts and to cooperate and share their resources and encourages them to communicate with each other and to leave all cultural differences aside and focus on the goals of the team, also this stage gives a credit to the team leader that helps to promote such a culture and to create positive climate between the members. FIS did not reach the stage because they remained in conflict with high levels of mistrust between the members; every member has his own goals and the team leader Rishi contributed in creating a negative climate that encouraged the members to focus in their own goals and compete with each other.
The Team leader Rishi was responsible for leading the FIS team, although he had good skills and experience in the field but unfortunately He was not able to lead it effectively and he failed to create a culture where cooperation and trust exist due to his relation with the project manager Philly where he was only working to please him and to get a good performance appraisal which made him lose the trust of some members of the team. The team leader should contribute in creating ways and norms of behavior that dictates how the members should act and perform, thus implementing a task oriented model where the focus is on the tasks that needs to be done in order to meet goals and deadlines, this model also support the team members by recognizing their effort that helped in accomplishing those tasks. Team leaders must put their effort in resolving any conflict and they should encourage their subordinates to perform. Rishi did not behave as a leader, he was careless about work and that made him lose his respect and trust between members, he also did not assign for the members their authorities and responsibilities that will absolutely help to define the rules and procedures for work and the behaviour of the members and facilitate communications between them in order to reach the desired outcomes. Rishi also failed...

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