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Group Dynamics In Psychology Essay

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Questions and Answers About Group Dynamics in Psychology

1. How does each one of the two fit the definition of a group?

Social- In my social group, it is clear that we are a collection of individuals guided by roles and
norms. We, as friends, clearly influence each other, satisfy personal needs through
association, and could be classified as a unit due to our common relation and degree
of similiarity. I also notice a great degree of interdependence. That is, evnts affecting one
tend to affect us all in some way or another.

Work- Contrastingly, in my work group, I don't find as much similarity and personal need
fulfillment. In this group, I observe a greater emphasis on goal achievement. At work,
we achieve goals that we would otherwise be unable to accomplish individually. I also
recognize a sense of interdependence as we are all affected by changes involving any
single employee.

2. Name the five basic elements for effectiveness in groups and discuss each with respect to
both groups.

a) Positive Interdependence Social: In my social group for example, we often help one
another such that we are able to accomplish group
goals and wants. I remember one incident in
high school wherein one of "our" friends
had to paint his outside decking before he was able
to do anything of leisure. Because we had made
group plans, we all went over and helped with the
painting. Had we not helped, we would not have
achieved the group experience that we all wanted.

Work: Because my work group is more goal oriented,
positive interdependence plays a greater role in this
context. For example, at work we all have different
tasks that we must accomplish. I usually work the

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