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Group Dynamics Over Problem Solving Essay

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The problem solving process, as a whole, went quite smoothly in our small group. Fortunately, we were able to work well together by listening to each other's opinions without being too critical. After much brainstorming, we had few struggles in determining what method we were going to agree on in order to implement the solution to the parking problem on campus. We chose parking as our initial problem, but we were disappointed to find out that another group would be presenting the same problem as well as presenting it to the class prior to us. Despite the fact of the matter, we were confident enough to ensure all of you that our process would be the most efficient. A couple of members in the group initially thought that building a parking structure seemed to be the best solution, but after much thought we all decided, as a team, that this was not the best solution according to cost issues.To have made the group more effective we could have had additional meetings outside of class. These meetings seemed to be very productive and worked well for our system. Unfortunately, there was not enough time permitted in order for this to take place. Time was our biggest setback. At certain points it seemed as if there wasn't enough time to finish everything and make it 100% complete. Despite these issues, we still managed to successfully complete everything, leaving only minimal gaps. It would have been useful to know approximately how many people are parking in the remote lots on an average day. We did not have time between our work and schools schedules to physically go out to these parking lots and count every single car. Another method of making the group more effective would have been breaking up the work into smaller sections, enabling everyone to work on more than one section of the project. This would have educated each of us more in understanding exactly what went on, piece by piece. Additionally, we had some problems doing intense research due to the amount of time allowed for this project....

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