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Group Evaluation Essay

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There are 4 stages in group development. The first stage is orientation. During this stage of group of development, we got to know who each person was and what they were studying. My group members were Chris Davis, Maria Agosalim, Myra Portillo, Russel Clay, and Abrahana James. Our group leader was Abrahana James, an 18 year old business major. She assigned everyone to a certain task and made sure that everything was in order. Russel Clay, a 21 year old AG Economics major, was responsible for finding the background information on our problem. Maria Agosalim, a criminal justice major, was given to the task to host interviews with the cafeteria staff and taking pictures of the food stations in the cafeteria. Chris Davis, a 19 year old psychology major, and Myra Portillo, a 19 year old business management major, were responsible for providing the group with surveys to our problem. I am an 18 year old biology major and I was responsible for typing up all of the information that was provided by each group member, printing out the Agendas, and creating the power point presentation.
When it was time for our group to come up with a topic for our problem, we faced a few difficulties. Which brings us to stage 2 of group development: Conflict and tension. Our first idea for a problem was “The Cafeteria Hours.” After being assigned each part we made a decision to have our first group meeting. In the meeting we discussed the possible ideas for a problem but we faced a problem of our own. The information that each group member found did not correspond with the topic. We noticed that our topic was too broad and this caused our group members to become stressed. We had to start over from the beginning and come up with a new topic. We made a list of more ideas for a topic but we still had no success. Our group leader Abrahana did not like how our first meeting played out so she assigned each person to evaluate more ideas for topics, bring in possible information, and prepare for another meeting on a Friday afternoon.
We have reached stage 3: Understanding the norms of the group. As a group we decided we would have a meeting at least twice a week, some of us would be late to the meetings, some of us would come up with excuses as to why we couldn’t come, there were certain group members that made sure that everything was in order, and there were certain group members that did not always have any work to provide. I will admit that I was late to a couple of meetings but as a way to make up for that I made sure that papers were typed up and I had my information to present to the group. We all noticed the things that each group member would do so we understood how to work around the inconveniences.
For example one of the ways I made up for being late to a meeting was by coming in with my laptop, printed out surveys, a list of criteria, and...

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