Group Evaluation After Problem Solving Assignment Speech 101 Assignment

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Lopez 1
Group Evaluation Assignment
Anna Lopez
Instructor: Dan Wirth
Speech 101
November 16, 2017
The group that was assigned to resolve the problem involving the hostages on the airplane consisted of Crystal, Mia, Brenda and Ariel. Each group member took on at least one role and some took on multiple roles throughout the group problem solving project.
Overall, the group worked to resolve the issue using the reflective method. There were occasions when the group strayed off topic, but for the most part, the group openly discussed what their individual opinions where without attempting to overpower one another. While some members, such as Brenda and Ariel, took more passive roles. Everyone contributed to the conversation based on their own individual notes on the topic. Fortunately, none of the members blindly argued to have their answers be considered the correct ones. One example of the group’s ability to work well together and avoid dysfunctional roles was when the group includes the priest in the group that they save. Crystal explains, taking on the task of information giver, why she chose to keep him on the airplane. She talks about a personal experience where her pastor would never allow a parishioner to be put at risk ahead of himself. The group, including Brenda who initially offered the priest as a suggested person to save, receives Crystal’s point well and is convinced by her reasoning for why he should stay on the airplane.
The group was able to work together to reach a consensus by initially establishing their absolute criteria and their important criteria. The group determined that the absolute criteria was going to be an evaluation on the airplane passenger’s greater purpose and whether they had one or not. Their important criteria was determined to be the passenger’s age, health, and medical history. Using this criteria as a guide the group was able to begin by stating who they listed to stay on the airplane and in which order.
The group worked towards a common goal. At times, it seemed as if both Mia and Crystal were taking charge as Ariel and Brenda took more passive roles as observers. Mia was more careful to document notes, acting as a recorder. At times she asked for clarification on opinions to ensure she documented them correctly as well as acting as an information seeker. The group was clear in their ability to share the floor that they cared about one another’s opinions though no one stepped up and took on an encourager role to offset some of the passive positions. This made it easier for Brenda to accidentally reflect characteristics of a deserter, although this was not intentional and never for long.
The group members influenced each other positively since the passive roles and active roles complimented one another. Every member was open to listening even though it was clear some members held the floor longer than others.
The group managed to solve the problem by focusing on who the majority feels is the most...


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