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Group Interaction Process This paper is going to reflect our group interaction process due to real life situations that we have all expercienced. The general topics that will be discussed are our problem-solving/ decision making process, power resources and indicators, conflict management, and transacting power. Now we are going to start by examining our problem-solving/ decision making process.Problem Solving Process According to Rothwell, "Effective decision making in groups doesn't just happen miraculously," the most critical element however, is the initial discussion procedures. Many scholars have spent years trying to determine the best procedures in promoting quality decision making and effective problem solving. The general guideline is, "The Standard Agenda", which is a basic six step model illustrating how to effectively work through a problem or decision as a group. The model follows these steps respectively: problem identification, problem analysis, solution criteria, solution suggestions, solution selection, and lastly, solution implementation. By following these basic guidelines, a group should be on their way to a very successful start.Next, "Group members must exercise their critical reasoning abilities at every stage of the Standard Agenda in order to maximize the probabilities of effective decisions (Hirokawa, 1992)." (226). In other words, synergy is an essential ingredient to gathering information. When group members focus entirely on information gathering as a total effort, then resources are maximized and full potential is readily available to find everything you might need. Groups should focus their information gathering by asking certain specific questions to steer each other on the right track. Then the group should divide the labor evenly. Finally, evaluating that information is absolutely crucial to finding the most relevant facts to support the claims made by your group.Our group has made a great deal of progress by sitting down and carefully analyzing problems and decisions before searching for solutions or jumping to conclusions. First we brainstormed a general list of ideas to address the problem of information gathering. Then we made suggestions for solutions and ultimately implemented the master solution; meeting at the library to gather information for our speech cohesively. Our library trip was for the most part successful, with the exception of absence from two of our members. Unfortunately the two members had to miss out on the process of team work in the library, but because they caused a slight dilemma, we were forced to go back to step one in the problem solving process. Although conflict is generally inevitable in most situations, it's learning how to manage it that will bring the group most success. The absent group members apologized and took responsibility for their actions, so now the group is once again a happy team with a plethora of credible, current, relevant, representative, and sufficient...

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