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Group Interaction In The Wu Tang Clan

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Group Interaction in The Wu Tang Clan

The Wu Tang clan is a nine-member hip-hop group that formed in 1992. Since 1992 the group has gone on to find success as a group and as solo artist. The Wu Tang Clan is easily one of the most influential hip-hop groups of all time. The group has taken aspects from every area such as kung fu to religion and blended them into a unique brand of music that is many times imitated but never duplicated.
What makes the group able to blend such a wide varity of topics into its music is the diversity and ability of its members. The group consists of the Rza, Genius, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, U God, Old Dirty Bastard, Masta Killah, Reakwon and Ghost Face Killah. Each member brings their own style to the group which in the end allows the group to have a wide varity that encompasses all areas that needs to be touch within a true musical performance. The group can cover many areas when doing a song unlike other groups that can only do one musical style. All the members of the group are innate, strong songwriters who spark and complement each other.

What is a group?

The definition of a group is two or more interdependent individuals who influence one another through social interaction. According to this definition the Wu Tang Clan would be considered a group. To say that the Wu Tang Clan is a group based on just that definition would be incomplete, the group demonstrates many other characteristics of a group. First off, the group shows a great deal of interaction. Interaction is when group members do things to and with other. To break it down even more interactions can be broken down into tasks or socioemotional. In task interaction the group must interact to accomplish a goal. The Wu Tang Clan demonstrates task interaction when the group comes together to make a group album. This would be considered a task interaction because the group is working together on one goal, which is to make an album. Socioemotional tasks are much more interpersonal. For example if a member of the group is unsure about something on a solo album another member will come in and give feedback to that other member. Furthermore, if one member is having legal problems other members of the group will step in and lend emotional support to help the other through a tough time.
Another quality that makes the Wu Tang Clan a group is group cohesion. Group cohesion is the strength of the bonds linking members to one another and to the group. The Wu Tang Clan is a very cohesive group, on both the individual and group level. On the individual level all members have a great deal of respect, trust, and liking for each other. This is evident by the fact that all members always have other members from the group come and appear on their solo albums. The group is very cohesive on the group level for the fact that after years and years of being together the group has never lost a member and no member has ever swayed from the Wu Tang Clan principle...

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