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Historical Landmarks At The University Of Georgia

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Chapel and Bell The Chapel and Bell serve as a unique historical landmark, representing the change of the University’s focus on religion to a now more secular institution. The University originally held ties to the protestant orthodoxy, which made the Chapel and Bell the main daily focus for mandatory church services. It was also used to signal the University’s beginning and end of classes, as well as emergencies. Now, the use of the Chapel and Bell has changed but maintained its traditional importance. The bell is now rung to signify celebration, especially of athletic accomplishments, and the chapel is used mainly for tourism, as well as meetings and events (Earls).
Intramural Fields The Intramural Fields surround Lake Herrick on the east end of campus where many outdoor recreational sports are hosted. Not only is it home to competitors, as myself, but it also includes a fitness trail for those who love to run or walk as they enjoy nature. Many college students collectively engage in many physical activities at the ‘I-Fields’ to avoid weight gain or to lose weight. This shows that many college students are health-oriented regardless of their intended majors or beliefs. Not only does the Intramural Fields host recreational sports in all divisions but the I-Fields host special events such as Relay for Life.
Mell Hall Dorm The Mell Hall Dorm is part of the Hill Community and is unique in the fact that it is an all girls dorm. Very few sites on campus are gendered, besides bathrooms, of course, but since there are more females than males enrolled in each entering class, there needs to be more female housing than male. The other female dorms on campus include Church Hall, Lipscomb Hall, and Soule Hall. Other traditional dorms on campus have each floor separating genders, or even simply each room of two or more people. This gives the girls of the dorm not only one floor to bond with and get to know, but an entire building, similar to that of a sorority house. It is convenient and generally more likely to make incoming freshman feel more comfortable only having to share with other girls.
Terrell Hall Where else on campus could possibly hold more power than the UGA Office of Admission building. The building after being burned down six years after construction was named in honor of William Terrell, a pretty important man who went on to become a United States Congress Georgia Representative (Terrell Hall). A building encompassing such great power deserved to be named after a man of similar authority and greatness. This building is basically where the fate of every prospective student’s existence at The University of Georgia stems from. Every single person applying, even those who did not get accepted, had to submit an application which subsequently went through this building and was viewed by the people within in it . Here holds the First-Year Information Sessions where prospective students get to tour the beautiful campus and its hometown of Athens and...

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