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Well, lets see where I should begin. The first day in class, we all collectively decided that we were going to write about the issue of homosexual marriage. It was a good topic but was already being overused so when you came around to ask what we were going to write about, Tanner and I said that we had chosen the topic aforementioned. Summer spoke up and said that we no longer wanted to do this because we had decided to write about gender and sports. Shocked, Tanner and I both just went with it because you seemed to like the idea. We assumed that Summer must have been moderately knowledgeable on the topic at hand and could offer us assistance however, she did not. She chose to write the introduction and the explanation of the problem. Then Tanner decided he would write the proposed solution. I chose to write two reasons. Ivy chose to write one reason and the conclusion. I wrote the plan of argument and Ivy collected our sources for the annotated bibliography. Then when it came time to do our rough draft, we each wrote our prospective portions and sent them to Ivy who turned ours in half an hour late so she could finish her part. However, Summer had conveniently broken her phone in California so she claims that she did not know it was due, even though it was discussed in class and written on the syllabus. She also would have heard about it if she had shown up to our group conference time. Then on the Sunday after it was due, she said she would have it done by Monday night since she had not yet started it, literally half a day before the final was due. I was not a happy camper so Ivy talked to her and got her to write it sooner. We met up Monday in my living room so that we could work on the paper collectively which turned into lets study for finals and have each person edit the paper. I spent all night editing their writing while still trying to keep their original thoughts and concepts present, which gave me a greater respect for your job. I honestly think I might have written some very rude comments if someone had tried to turn in the paper that they had to me. The unedited draft is the first one in our...

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1262 words - 5 pages report is based on marketing side more than an economical one. However, the report is balanced because presents the company facts from all perspective in sections (The Group, Departure into the Future, Corporate Management and Control) that have small sub-sections ( Corporate Profile, A New Direction, Strategy, Risk Management).KLM content is similar to Austrian Airline. From the beginning the reader can see that the report emphasizes more on the

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749 words - 3 pages Despite the fact that our time with the CBCI has been short, I have come to appreciate the diligence and hard work that goes into these policies and reports. Amongst the various groups that will have a part in the 2014 annual report, it seems to me that the Healthcare group has been diligently working on coming together with a powerful and impressive report for this year. As of today, the Healthcare section focuses on four main areas of health

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2402 words - 10 pages in Australia will support Zack’s compensation claims. Level of Cohesion in-group meeting: Yalom (1985) argues cohesion is the attraction of elements to come together and bond. It is a very important phenomenon in group therapy. The level of cohesiveness in a group is a measure of the attraction of the group to its members. Through this attraction the members work motivated towards achieving the aim of the group. Application of high cohesive

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1555 words - 6 pages includes data from various project “group therapy” sessions and executive retreats which are based on project management. The report begins by giving the latest statistics on project success and failures. The report says that success of a report depends on few factors like if the project was finished on time, if it was on budget and finally if the customer got all his requirements. Any project which fails to meet the above conditions is defined

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1786 words - 8 pages Assessment 3 Paper – Analysis of group presentation scenario Working with Multicultural Staff and Encountering the Gender Issue Introduction In the first scenario where many client are scrambled in separations with high conflict in which their children are also reported not able to cope with the issue, several social work students have designed a treatment group for parent and children. It is believed that treatment group such as art-play

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713 words - 3 pages , being a very comical person, he is also the harmonizer of the group in the way that he lightens up the atmosphere through humor. Joycelin, on the other hand, has a serious side, she have been a great summarizer, she is very clear about what we want to achieve for the final product of our group report, so she could see the big picture and always recommend appropriate direction for us to work on. Tricia, in my opinion, is a great standard setter and

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2514 words - 11 pages This paper is going to examine the group work practice of the pilot group work program started by Youth centre (Jurong) — “Girls United” from four perspective: (a) Model of Group Work Practice, (b) Leadership Style and Co-leadership, (c) Planning of Activities, and (d) Group Work Approach. This paper will conclude by my “Personal Reflection on Group Dynamics”. Model of Group Work Practice As mentioned in our group report, Girls United is a

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725 words - 3 pages Engagement Exercise Group activities can often be very tedious and stressful for some people, but being able to work in a group is a very useful and important skill to have. The five main characteristics of group work are forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. All of these aspects of group work are all very different, yet equally important to maintaining the life of a group. I have experienced all of these aspects in my own

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1076 words - 4 pages Reporting Student Learning The reading, “Reporting Student Learning,” written by Ken O’Connor and Rick Wormeli is about their belief that there is four primary characteristics of effective grading. Grades should be accurate, consistent, meaningful and supportive of learning. The authors go into great detail about these four characteristics (Wormeli, 2011). The authors state that when students do group work the problem is that we’re not sure

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832 words - 4 pages big third idea with input from all members. We all encouraged each other to do the best we could and that our report would be good if we all worked on it effectively. When we apply group dynamics to our report content, it is clear that we see retailers having to constantly use group dynamics as a part of their strategy to become successful retail operators. Employees in all positions of the retail industry have to work well with their team members

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2356 words - 9 pages exist in our work environments. As we begin the second portion of this report, we will be describing a personal situation where I was part of an in-group and following this example, we will be looking at another personal example in which a colleague of mine experienced an out-group situation. I believe that the best personal example I can share that deals with an experience that I have had being part of an in-group has to be a friendship that

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788 words - 3 pages The group discussion has just passed, and it was really a hard work and challenging. There were many precious lessons I got, and, hopefully, so did with my friends. Our group was consisting of four students. As a quantity, reasonably, we had had enough power to do a better work and gained a satisfying result. As I flashed back to the group discussion, it was enriching my memories. Some were in high spirit, remarkable and enjoyable. Opposite

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1208 words - 5 pages completion of CA2. This sense of fulfilment is transcended into CA3 where members feel good about the progress and work done on the report. While there was an early encounter with failure in game 1 (CA1), the members were proud that there was a sense of cohesiveness throughout the assessment. Game 2 (CA1) was successful as a result, due to positivity and determination to achieve greater results in the following assessments. The adjourning stage is when temporary group disbands. There is a sense of fulfilment and sadness over the loss in working opportunities. Members would move on to form new teams and groups for future endeavours.