Grover Cleveland: A Man Of Integrity

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Stephan Grover Cleveland was born on March 18, 1837 in Caldwell New,Jersey, but grew up in New York. He was the fifth child out of nine children born to Ann Neal and Richard Failey. His dad was a presbyterian minister with hardly any money. When Cleavland was 16 his father passed away. Cleveland had to put away his dreams of college and focus on supporting his family. He worked with his older brother in New York city and then as a clerk and part time law student in Buffalo. He never attended collage but he passed the bar exam in 1858. In 1863 he payed a Great Lakes sailor $150 to go to war in his place because he felt he needed to stay with his family. At the age of 22 Cleavland became a ...view middle of the document...

He did not marry her but he took great responsibility for his actions. Cleavland helped support Oscar for as long as he could until Maria became an alcoholic and neglected Oscar. Unfortunately Oscar was sent to an orphanage. Democrats described Cleveland's actions as a “transient weakness” ( Fergurson).
It was because of Cleveland's fame that he was elected president in 1884. He presented his inaugural address without any notes. He was the first president to ever do this. It being his first term and like any other president he felt alittle uncomfortable. On June 2, 1886 Cleavland married 21 year old Frances Folsom in the white house. It was the first and only white house wedding. Frances was the daughter of his late friend Oscar Folsom. After Folsom had died Cleavland took over his business and watched over his daughter who was only 11 years old. He was just like a uncle to her until she left for college. After that it became much more. Cleavland began to send her flowers, then in August he proposed to her through a letter in the mail which she accepted. They made sure to keep their engagement quiet. Frances was the youngest first lady in the nations history. Even though there was a 27 year age difference between the two that did not stop them. They had 3 children born in the white house. In all they had 5 children together: Ruth Cleveland, Esther Cleveland, Marion Cleveland, Richard Folsom Cleveland, and Francis Grover Cleveland. Frances became one of the most popular first ladies.
In 1888 Cleavland lost his election to Benjamin Harrison. “Cleveland won the popular vote while Harrison captured the electoral vote” ( monkeyshines on america 2). It was the only time that this had happened. In 1892 Cleavland beat Harrison and won the election thanks to his
popularity. He viewed his office just like any other president would but it seemed as if Cleavland was not afraid. “He took the negative view of what government ought to do rather than what it should do.”(Great neck publishing 3). After the civil war it felt as if the presidency had gotten weaker. He quickly helped rebuild the power of the presidency. Cleavland used his veto power...

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