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Grow Up Near A Fire Station, The Excitement That Arose....

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Growing up near a fire station, the excitement that arose from the building always peaked my curiosity of what went on within its walls. This interest soon turned into a dream. I wanted to be firefighter when I grew up. As a kid, I remember running after fire trucks every time I heard the distinctive sound of their roaring sirens. I was mesmerized by firefighters and tried to watch as many firefighter related movies as possible. Not only did they just save other peoples' lives, they risked their own lives fighting the blazing infernos. I saw firefighters heroically twirl down the fire poll and decided that I would start my firefighting career in the playground by practicing sliding down the poll as well. However, as I began to get older, I saw that my idealistic vision of being a heroic firefighter wasn't reality! Although disappointed, I still held onto my dream of becoming a firefighter one day.Unexpectantly, the chance of fulfilling my childhood dream came without notice. The day started just like any ordinary day. Waking up at 8 o'clock, I remembered it was the first day back to school from the long winter break and I hurried as I got ready to go to the school. As usual, school went forth as usual with no disturbance all through first, second, and third period. However, during our fourth period, we were in for a surprise. No one could have imagined what was to happen next. It all started suddenly with a siren that was so loud I couldn't hear myself screaming. As my teacher...

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