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Growing A Future Essay

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About seven years ago a documentary called King Corn hit the media about showing the factors in industrial farming downsides. Throughout the film, the two main participants Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney produce tomatoes in the back of a 1986 Dodge Ram will soil. This project was known as "Truck Farm", while demonstrating a creative approach to growing a garden in a non-desirable place the two friends drove this farm to different neighborhoods in urban areas so kids could have a hands on experience to see how food grows and to open their eyes to new ideas in farming ( Like the intentions of Ellis and Cheney, this green driving technique where people who are looking for alternatives ways to growing food differently from the traditional industrial approach need to see the effectiveness from sustainable farming. Sustainable farming is effective in ways of an economic approach where it can fix different situations in a holistic way. Also sustainable farming has promise in helping put community involvement, plus health benefits are mainly the idea which people are generally more familiar with in urban/sustainable/organic farming. By sustainable definition, how sustainable can different farming from techniques off from the traditional industrial practices with evaluation in context where money, health and social aspects. People who have a curious interest in becoming more sustainable are more than likely to end up agreeing to this area of change in farming. Sustainable farming is an answer to the industrial age that has developed over the decades. The argument where different sustainable techniques in farming is efficient does not reach on everyone's personal agenda of thought. People that have primary objections to the topic, people along the lines that think the efficiency of sustainable farming will be enough in terms of helping regain soil health while being economically beneficial. Industrial farmers, or whom have strong connections towards it generally think of the concept that nature is insufficient, in this paper this audience will see another scope whether this idea of organic farming might be more than they think of it. Time is a concern when it comes to the efficacy of sustainable farming, how long before people start seeing improvement? This type of farming requires more attention to the production, however it is known that industrial farming takes the win in areas of speed production, people who want Value over convenience would be a big impact in the increase of reliability of sustainability in sustainable farming. Techniques of different sustainable farming, examples like crop rotation and vertical farming will be less known to American public because one, before research these terms definition were critical in describing the backbone to the different view of farming. With the family farms decline, less people will be knowledgeable about farming techniques, the importance of those knowing the techniques at hand will in...

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