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Growing Old: Gradual Decline Essay

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Growing old is a process of life which most people hope to experience. Some people view growing old as a good thing, while others disagree. The process of growing old can bring on new changes both mentally and physically for an individual; many different aspects of an individual’s life begin to decline. Through exploring material of the development of humans in late adulthood, I have created an image of what I believe I will be like at the age of 70.
Gradual declines of different bodily functions occur when an individual reaches the age of 70. The autonomic nervous system will begin to perform less well, which will lead to a decrease in the immune system, sleep problems, and sensitivity to temperature changes. In addition, the sensory system will begin to decline. The sensory system controls sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. When it comes to vision, dark adaption becomes harder. Having trouble with dark adaptation will cause me to have a difficult time going from a brightly lit environment to a dim environment. In addition to sight, my hearing will begin to weaken. I will have a difficult time hearing people when I am in loud places. The loss of hearing could cause me to feel lonely because people will not talk to me as much because they do not want to constantly have to repeat themselves. Furthermore, I will begin to lose my sense of taste. Food will no longer have a distinct taste to me, which will cause me to salt and pepper food a lot in hopes of receiving a satisfactory flavor. Along with taste, I will not be able to have a strong distinction in the smell of different items, such as food. Another decline that will occur is the decline of my cardiovascular and respiratory functioning; I will have a greater physical stress during exercise and my breathing rate will increase. Some physical changes can be seen. I will continue to have the thinning of and graying of my hair and the wrinkling of my skin. Also, my height and weight will decline because of the loss of lean body mass. Physical changes are not the only changes that occur in late adulthood.
Along with physical changes of late adulthood, there are also cognitive changes. Processing information will begin to slow down and take me longer. Likewise, the amount of information that I can hold in my working memory will decline, and I will have a difficult time retrieving long-term memory. Speaking and planning what to say will become a more difficult task for me. In addition, i will have trouble with hypothetical problem, but I will still be able to solve everyday problems. Since I will still be able to solve everyday problems, I will have wisdom because I have had more experiences in my lifetime than most other people. In order to improve some of cognitive skills instead of them declining, I can begin to train them with different task that involve me to think more. Cognition leads individuals to feel different emotions and allows them to engage with others. Social...

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