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Growing Problem In Montana Essay

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When a person thinks of problems that haunt over Montana, mostly what comes to mind are drunk driving, the meth epidemic, or the bipolar weather; but Montana has a crisis that is on the rise and catching the attention of the police force all over this state. Most teens and adults can remember of a friend asking them for their prescription pills or witnessed someone taking these pills illegally. Throughout my life, there are many instances that I can recall from memory dealing with prescription pills and how they changed or altered my life. People tend to think that prescription pills are safer than street drugs because they are made for people to take. But in one occurrence, my mother lost her best friend and my good friend lost his mother to the addiction with prescription drugs and how it made her life spiral out of control. In all, what are the state of Montana and the United States doing to stop this epidemic and what are the effect of the prescription drug abuse problem to the city of Missoula?
My personal story and experience with the prescription drug problem started when my mother and I moved from Watford, England to Great Falls, Montana; my mother met her soon to be best friend, Kelly. As a child, my mother never told me about the serious problem that Kelly had and her addiction to prescription pills to shelter me from all the problems that it caused. Soon Kelly’s family moved away to Florida and she told my mother that she had quit taking pills and was clean, so we planned to moved down to Florida with them. But after my mother quit her job and sold our house, she found out that Kelly was still using the pills and it was as worse than ever. This hurt my family financially and emotionally, as my mother was without her job and we did not have a home to call ours. We then moved in with my mother’s boyfriend and times were hard on us with little money for us for food and other necessities. Then my mother stopped talking to Kelly for year and we never heard back from her. Finally, my mother was looking her up and found out that Kelly had committed suicide after losing everything from her addiction to prescription pills. Later we found out that she lost her job from not showing up most of the time and her husband was filing for divorce. The last straw that pushed her over the edge was that her husband was filing for custody of their two year old child.
When one chooses to abuse prescription drugs over his or her loved ones, relationships start to take a toll for the worst. The person using the drugs will focus more on being with people that use drugs than being with friends or family. Another hurtful aspect to using prescription drug is that a person will usually stealing them from family members or buying them off of their friends. In many instances,...

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