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¡§For God sake, Russell, you¡¦ve got a good mind and you¡¦re destroying it reading that trash.¡¨ Uncle Charlie tells his nephew upon seeing him read westerns and fantasies. Tossing a copy of The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin in his direction, Uncle Charlie says, ¡§Here, read something worthwhile.¡¨ Young Russell Baker reads Franklin¡¦s biography only until his Uncle leaves the room, at which point, he put it aside in boredom.(110) Yet, the future Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for the New York Times reveals in his memoir, Growing Up, that the Franklin could have provided a model for his own success. Like Franklin, Baker rises from rags to something very close to riches.If Russell himself lacks the confidence and initiative necessary to make his way in the world, Lucy Elizabeth has enough for both of them, and she emerges as the most Franklinian figure in the book. But a faint touch of Franklin appears in some of the supporting characters in Baker¡¦s life as well. Like the man who jokingly claimed in his essay, he Ephemera, ¡§that he could understand all the inferior animal tongues¡¨(922), Uncle Harold knows that the truth without a touch of fiction isn¡¦t't always a lie as much as it is a way to make life more interesting than it was...¡¨ (144). So Russell listens as Harold tells him that, in Haiti, he saw the dead set up out of their shrouds and dance the Charleston,¡¨ giving Russell a conspiratorial wink after insisting to the truth. There is also a touch of Franklin in Uncle Charlie, who reads and rereads the Autobiography, as well as The Federalist Papers, and is described by one relation as almost a genius. With a mind like that he could have done almost anything¡¨ (106). In spite of his intelligence, Uncle Charlie, who slept, read, smoked, and drank coffee,¡¨ is a lay about and a financial burden to his family (108). Then there, Uncle Hal, "a man of large entrepreneurial vision, who disdains the intellectual life, and believes it is a man¡¦s duty to make something of himself by scoring big in business(110). Franklin, of course, was both businessman and intellectual, and he emphasized more than coring big? Financially. Nor...

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965 words - 4 pages growing up and maturing. Scout is also learning to hold her toungue, with the help of Miss Maudie of course. “Miss Maudie’s hand touched mine and I answered mildly enough ‘Nome, just a lady.’” (230). When she was little she wasn’t afraid to let you know how she felt, and if possible, beat you up. Now, she probably still wants to beat you up but she is learning to hold it in because it may cause even more problems if she didn’t, a sure tale sign of

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1822 words - 7 pages writer or speaker and relies on good sense and good will to influence its audience. Logos persuades its audience through the use of deductive and inductive reasoning. The kiaros approach requires a combination of creating and recognizing the right time and right place for making the argument in the first place. All of these appeals are important tools, and can be used together or apart to persuade an audience. In her book, titled, Growing Up

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