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Growing Up: An I Search Project Essay, What Are Some Career Possibilities? This Essay Is About Becoming A Webmaster.

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Growing UpI have always wanted to be an actress, I never even considered anything else. Lately though, I have realized how important it is to have other choices, so I have been exploring colleges, jobs, and my future a lot. I first chose to do my project on talent agents, however, I was unable to find anyone to interview. Also the business letter I sent out came back, so they must have gone out of business. Those two things tell me something about that career, one thing is that many talent agents may be too busy to do other things, and the other is that it may be a hard job to keep. Neither of these sound very good to me.I decided to go with my second choice, which is web design. I like making my own homepages, but someday I would like to make a real website. If I could get paid for doing this, then why not? I know a little about html and javascript already, and I also know about the background source of a page and how to change it. I did not know too much about the actual job itself though, before I started my project.Since I "changed careers", I had to find someone quickly to interview. I was trying to think of ways to find someone, then it hit me. It was right in front of me, almost everyday, every website is made by a webmaster. Some websites have links so the webmaster can be emailed, and I sent an email asking several webmasters about doing an interview. Two people responded the very next day, and both also responded quickly to my questions.The answers to my interview questions sort of surprised me. I figured it would be a rewarding job to these webmasters and something they enjoyed, but I also thought there would be a downside. Neither one really mentioned much negative comments about their job. However they both said they made about 50,000 dollars a year, but that it is possible to make much more. The rest of their answers were similar as well. One of the only negative comments about this job, was that sometimes you have to turn down jobs that you may want to do, but either you do not have time for it or there is some other reason why you can not work on another website.When I make my homepages, I tend to get really into it, and I almost get sucked in for hours at a time even at three am sometimes. So obviously it is something I enjoy, but at the same time, sometimes I feel like I am missing something beyond the computer. Almost like I am here and everyone else is out doing things, and getting things done. So time is a downside to this career, but then again I have learned that this is really a freelance type of job. You can have several huge companies that you host a website for, or you can just create a few for clients to maintain themselves. So time is really a choice, as long as you do not get more jobs then you are willing or...

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