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Growing Up As An Abused Child And Trying To Overcome The Devastating Effects Of Abuse.

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Growing up in the 70's was like being plunged into a wild, raging sea without a life jacket.All the kids my age were experimenting, trying to find themselves,and enjoying the peace movement.Me, I was trying to do the same thing, but in a totally different way. I didn't experiment with drugs, I wasn't Miss Popular, my parents weren't "loaded", and I definitely needed and wanted to find inner peace,my place of belonging.I was the third of six children and it was quite obvious, the least favored of the bunch.Anything that went wrong seemed to always be my fault,even if I wasn't home when it happened!My parents fed me, clothed me, provided shelter and avoided all else, unless it required taking the belt to me.I got the feeling that's how they got their satisfaction, bringing my blood to the surface.The bllod dripping from my back, legs, arms or face didn't hurt as much as the blood that dripped from my heart and continues to do so today. I still hear the words of hate, see the daggered stares and feel the brutal cold hands of love that "raised me".I recall, as if it were yesterday: I was 10 years old and had the hiccups.It was on a Saturday and Dad didn't have to work.He was situated in his shabby, old, brown tweed recliner, watching a fishing show. My hiccups must have been annoying him beyond any degree of reason.He screamed like a wild commanche, "Judy Marie! Get in here!" I knew I my goose was cooked,right then and there and immediately started wailing like he had taken a two by four to me.I drooped my head and, like a beaten down puppy, went to see what he wanted."What have I told you about that?", daddy growled, no hint of a joke in his eyes."Sir?What'd I do, daddy?", I choked."Don't lie to me.I'll beat you slap to death.", he replied quite seriously.There I stood, in a stumper of silence,sobbing in dreaded fear, wondering what I had done, waiting for the hissing sound of his belt being taken from his pants, and feeling the leather rip the flesh from my legs.Suddenly, from no where, my silence was broken by dad's roaring laughter and I was more confused than ever. I didn't understand what so funny. What had I done to make him so mad and then get him to forget it so quickly?"Hey, have you noticed?", Dad asked, slapping my arm jokingly."Sir?". No, I hadn't noticed. I was as lost as a goose in hail storm by this time."Noticed what, daddy?", I sniffled and wiped my dripping nose across the sleeve of my shirt."You ain't got the hiccups any more!", he squeeled with delight.Right there, I fell to my knees,sick to my stomach and my dad thought it was the richest joke in the history of the United States.I was a child, trusting him to love me and take care of me. That's how he chose to fulfill his obligations, being one of the less traumatic experiences.At age sixteen, I had reached the end. Death could not be as bitter as life, I determined.I recallstaring into the dresser mirror, looking at my tear streiked face, holding more than 300 pills...

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1139 words - 5 pages this happen all the time. More than four children die every day from child at the hand of an abuser. The statics keep increasing year after year in a never ending cycle. The primary effects of child abuse against children are psychological disorders, injuries, and fatality. A report of child abuse is every ten seconds. National data is likely to underestimate the amount of children who died from child abuse. So why is the full information so unclear? Maybe because thousands of cases go unreported every day. Child abuse is a serious case and needs to stop! Do not pretend as if it is not happening, do not be a bystander, be a voice.

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1476 words - 6 pages Possible Examples of the Long-Term Effects of Abuse • In adulthood they abuse their loved ones. (Berman, PhD, How childhood abuse can manifest is adult relationships), "It is estimated that up to one-third of abused or neglected children will act out the same abusive behavior they were subjected to when they become parents or caretakers.”(N.D.) • They become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. (Center for Disease Control and Pervention, National

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1018 words - 4 pages scars, but it can also be deadly. The crisis of avoidable child abuse or morality cannot be over looked. This problem needs to stop. Most abused and neglected children never come to the attention of the authorities. All though there may be no physical signs of harm, there is typically intense shame and secrecy maintained. Even adults, who know of the abuse, fear destroying a family (Hopper). Due to these two statements, we need some surefire solutions for this ever-growing problem. The possible solutions are often a 1-800 number, or teaching loyalty to their students, a period of time behind bars for offenders, and educating grades first through fifth on the problem.

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2152 words - 9 pages a child’s brain, but also can cause lifelong problems. If untreated, the abuse can influence victims' physical and mental health. It can also influence their ability to control emotions and impulses, their achievements in school, and the relationships they form as a child and as an adult(Shulte). Even if the abuse does not last forever, the negative effects on the person in which was abused will(Lansford).Child Maltreatment devastates a child’s

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728 words - 3 pages clear answer as to why people abuse children, however, studies show that one out of every three victims of child abuse, keep the cycle going and abuse their own children. Effects of Child Abuse One of the main things that happens to abused children is that they have lots of relationship difficulties and they have a very hard time trusting people. “If you can’t trust your parents, who can you trust?” (HelpGuide). This statement is very true

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