Growing Up In A Cul De Sac And Close Knit Neighborhood

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"Wake up! You need to go with your Massi to get groceries!" was screamed by my mother every Saturday of her pregnancy term. My mother had a difficult pregnancy, so the doctor had assigned her to bed rest for most of her term. During this time, my massi had moved in with us to take care of my mom, as my dad would work from 7 am to 5pm. I remember I was in kindergarten and thought I was all grown up and had the most difficult life ever. I mean, in a sense, I did have difficult life. I was a shy and a sensitive kid growing up, who was picked on at school for being fat and having facial hair. I was basically a mutant, the fat, hairy, tall Indian girl. Yes, I was also the tallest girl in my ...view middle of the document...

I am very inspired by the lecture that my parents gave me about being a selfish person, because that lecture gave me the longest guilt-trip. I never made phone calls to friend to ask “Can I come over?” I would walk in like Beyoncé and be like “I’m here! Let’s play!” The neighbourhood was just like this big house with the biggest joint-family ever. No formalities were needed.

I could not imagine living somewhere else during that time. Moving was a word that was horrifyingly unfamiliar to me. I had planned my future around this cul-de-sac. It was a safe-haven for me, I could be who I wanted freely with the people I loved. Then my brother was born. I was filled with even more joy, because I finally had a sibling. He was so tiny and cute like my toy dolls. I loved going-out and bragging about him. I was so preoccupied with my brother that I did not notice that one of my neighbours had put their house on sale. By the time I noticed, they were already getting ready to move. I was surprised, but I did not care enough at the time. I felt like it did not mean that everyone was going to move away. A woman had moved into their house. She would always wear a red trench coat when she left the house. She was intimidating, hence none of our parents really tried developing a friendship with her. Slowly, everyone...

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