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Growing Up In A Violent World

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Childhood, according to wordnetweb, is the time of a person's life when they are a child or the state of a child between infancy and adolescence. The period defined as childhood might not change, because it will always be between infancy and adolescence, but the activities and development acquired in that time changes from generation to generation. If you ask an adult how was their childhood they might tell you thousands of different stories regarding their friends, the games they used to play, the lives they used to live and the simplicity of life they had. They might tell you about how they used to run through the neighborhoods with their friends, kill bugs, eat soil and “discover” new territories. They might tell you about the time the broke their arm when they fell off a tree they were climbing or how fun it was to swim at the lake with their friends. Now, if you ask a kid born on the new millennium, the new generation, he might give you a completely different scene for what childhood is for him. For him, childhood might mean staying up late watching TV series regarding sex and drugs, or playing Play Station, X-Box or Wii for 5 or even 6 straight hours. They might also tell you about the time they accidentally found porn on the internet or when they were grounded for using obscene language that they previously had learned from a movie. Life as we used to know it has changed, drastically. This world has become a very hostile world, were advertisement owns the streets and all the means of communication. The kids of this new “technology” era are the ones who suffer the most with his hostility, and we have to do something about it.
Children are being bombarded with explicit material all the time by the media. What are all the lately TV shows about? Four things: sex, drugs, alcohol and violence. Everything has to do with these four main things. Children are always presented with these scenarios, were sex is supposed to be happening “everywhere”, where drugs are “cool and help you relax”, where the more you drink the more friends you have and where violence is common and where being violent is just another skill. There is so much garbage thrown by the media that is distorting human values. In the Internet it is the same thing! Exposure to explicit material has become very common these past years. A recent study in the University of New Hampshire says that forty-two percent of Internet users aged 10 to 17 surveyed said they had seen online pornography in the past year. Of those, 66 percent said they did not want to view the images and had not sought them out. This new generation is exposed to many things that sooner or later may affect their development.
This constant bombarding of the media not only affects children mentally, but also...

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