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Growing Up With A Personal Computer

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In this new age of technology and information, it is adapt or die in relation to owning a personal home computer. Growing up with a personal computer is nearly required of children in this modern generation to succeed; and its need will only widen in the future to come. The possible risks related to children, using personal computers, are preventable and far overshadowed by the potential for education and general benefits of owning a personal computer now and in the future. This is why the use of personal computers in the classroom and in the home is dramatically increasing as society develops into this age of technological advancement. As time goes on; children who do not own a personal computer will only be put further and further behind children who have the privilege of owning one. This is why it is urgent that parents who are considering whether or not to provide their children a personal computer are encouraged to do so despite the few possible risks. It is also imperative that schools keep up with the times by updating their in class technology, along with the courses they provide and the means to which they provide them. The world is changing and parents and teachers alike have an obligation to make sure that children are ready when the time comes for their generation to make an impact in this world.
Personal computers are not just toys; they are the largest resource of information known to man provided at the users’ fingertips! Even computer based gaming has a tremendous potential for practical and highly effective educational purposes. In its 2013 season, ID Tech Camps planned to add three new courses based around the Minecraft platform along with numerous other games; providing another tool for learning and preparation for modern careers (Tech Camps). They believe that the way children learn is changing, and we need to offer them subjects related to future careers (Tech Camps). The way the world works is changing as the demand for computer related careers expands, and the children of this generation need to be prepared with the skills necessary to succeed in these new careers. Not only is computer based learning relevant to many future careers, but it can also be used to teach subjects that are not related to computers and it is proven to be less stressful and even increase scores. Using computer games in a classroom setting relieves anxiety and offers a new and creative approach to both teaching and learning (Blake). Computer game based learning methods were provided in the College of Nursing and were shown to increase classroom interaction and therefore content retention; which is why test scores in units that contained games have exhibited noticeable improvement (Blake). Traditional teaching methods are uninteresting, outdated, and can cause undesired stress to children; while computer based teaching allows children the ability to go at their own pace, review material at the click of a button, and even grant children who are sick...

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