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In the twelfth chapter of Andrew J. Durbin’s book Human Relations: Interpersonal Job-Oriented Skills Eleventh Edition, the focus was on helping others develop and grow. When working in a business or just in everyday life, it is important to assist others. Some people are too shy or embarrassed to ask for help in certain situations so taking the initiative to step up and recognize the need for help is a big deal. It is important to understand what the characteristics are of being a nurturing, positive person when assisting or helping others. There are also certain techniques to be noted when coaching and training individuals.

Being a Nurturing, Positive Person
In order for an individual to be successful in helping other people broaden their development, it is important to be a caring and optimistic instructor. This will promote growth and development. If an individual is always negative and putting people down when they are trying to learn, it will have an adverse effect (Durbin, 2012). In order to promote a positive learning environment, one must be positive, encouraging, and supportive. A negative environment will only discourage individuals from being successful. In a classroom setting, students are more apt to cooperative and pay attention to an instructor who is enthusiastic about what they are teaching and how it affects them in everyday life. Durbin (2012) explains that there are three actions and attitudes that support being a nourishing person. The first is to know that most people have the desire to grow. Everyone has some desire to better themselves. Second, team up with a coworker inside or outside your department so that the two of you can form a buddy system. It is important to have a backup in case of emergency situations out of your control. Third, it is very important to set a positive example for others. Someone is always looking up to you no matter who you are (Durbin, 2012).
A mentor is a person that has experience in an area and they advise or train other individuals that have less knowledge in the area they are skill in. A protégé is the less experienced person in a mentoring relationship who is helped by the mentor (Durbin, 2012). When mentoring, it is important to create a relationship between oneself and the protégé. The mentor must sponsor, protect, challenge, refer, support, encourage, counsel, explain the job “ropes”, teach, and provide friendship among many other tasks not listed. A mentor is responsible for guiding the protégé to the right career choices and supporting those choices that are made (Durbin, 2012).

Coaching and Training Others
According to Durbin (2012), there are two direct approaches to assisting other individuals in a workplace. They are coaching and training. Coaching is when a person gives instruction to another individual to assist them in broadening their development. This is done by providing positive pointers and ideas that will help them improve. ...

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