Growth Hormones Or Nah? Essay

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Imagine a drug. This drug can make you super athletic and give you that muscular body that people worldwide always see on TV and admire. Would you take it? If you scared of being caught using a steroid type drug, do not worry, this drug will not fail you that easily. This drug will not be caught in most PED tests and the chances of someone being caught are extremely low. It has the power of a steroid but it can make it look like you have taken no drug at all. Would you take this drug with super powers? Well, stop dreaming buddy, because this drug with hall of fame talent is real. People, please give a warm welcome to the next generation of steroids, the one and only, the human growth ...view middle of the document...

In an effort to study HGH’s role in exercise, a group of researchers in California conducted a lab to study HGH. When 303 volunteers (85% male) were given growth hormone injections for 20 days, they increased lean body mass by 4.6 pounds but did not increase athleticism nor strength and exercise capacity. Another 137 volunteers were given placebo instead of HGH and the subjects taking HGH experienced more fatigue and had a better chance of retaining fluids(Harvard). This experiment shows that this particular hormone does not improve athletic performance in any aspect. However, subjects who injected HGH gained 4.6 pounds of muscle and had a better chance of recovering. Even though the drug did nothing in particular, having a better chance of recovering is enough to give an athlete a competitive edge over athletes who do not use HGH. This is because if an athlete recovers faster than others, his muscles will be able to take on more work and last longer while the non-HGH using athletes have a slower recovery time so when it is time for their next competition, their muscle will be still tired from the previous competition or exercise. Another lab was conducted in 2010 by Dr. Ken Ho, who led the study at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, Australia. According to his lab "In the study, Ho's team found that the improvement in sprinting speed for athletes on HGH was the equivalent of a 4 percent gain. In runner's terms, that means an athlete who typically runs the 100-meter dash in 10 seconds could shave off a bit less than half a second of time. Or, in swimmer's terms, it's the equivalent of shaving off 1.2 seconds from a 50-meter swim normally done in about 30 seconds. ‘For athletes, it is sufficient to make a very significant difference in terms of winning or losing a competition,’ Rabin said. ‘It's the difference between being the winner and the last one in the finals.’ Sprint capacity returned to normal six weeks after participants stopped receiving injections, according to the study. Yet the study has limitations, Frankel said. Researchers could not say with certainty whether the athletes improved sprint ability because of HGH or because they trained harder during the 8 weeks of the study. And many athletes take HGH believing it will boost endurance, strength, power and other physical abilities -- effects the study did not find.”( This lab showed the world the first signs of HGH actually improving one’s athleticism. Although this lab could only observe signs of improvement in speed, it is more than enough to understand that HGH does more than gaining muscle and a faster recovery. If athletes had the ability to gain muscle, recover faster and run faster with a couple injections, it would start to become extremely unfair to others who worked hard to improve their physical aspects of the game. Overall as researchers start to discover signs of performance improvements from HGH, it will be classified as a PED and ban the...

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