Development Of A Motivational Organization Plan For A Small Business

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Organization's Motivational PlanI am President, and CEO of a small geneal contracting company. We are a medium size company for our market, with 20 employees. We operate in the residential, and commercial markets, specializing in higher end residential new construction and remodeling projects in neighborhoods which typically display homes of $ 250,000.00 or more. Tradesmen in this industry are independent, and perfectionistic. The craftsmen on our staff are some of the most talented carpenters, masons, and painters in their fields. The company has received recognition as "One of the Top 100 Residential Contractors in the Nation" three times out of the last 5 consecutive years.However, in the past 16 to 24 months, company gross margin has been eroding, and staff moral has begun a consistent downward slide. The site managers are dealing with construction time overruns and wrong / not enough materials on the jobs. These occurrences are becoming weekly, and at times daily, which is adding non-budgeted expenses to materials, labor, transportation, and supervisory oversight. The site managers (3 are employed in the company) job descriptions include performing the company project estimating, and serve as front line communications staff for new lead referrals / potential customer contacts. As their time requirements on the existing job sites increase, the company's ability to secure future work contracts is being threatened.After conducting a SWOT analysis, this motivational plan has been developed by company site managers, and the president. This plan takes into consideration:1. Changes to implement in overall corporate mindset, goals, and perspective.2. Changes in management style for the site managers.3. Changes in site management responsibilities by creating the position of job foreman, which will include specific responsibilities, and job specific incentives.4. Creates an incentive program that affects every staff member.Changes in Company MindsetThe mindset of this company has been that the top priority was to perform construction projects, to the highest level of quality, satisfying the customers' desires in every aspect, and do so in the shortest time possible. Recognizing that these goals often create opposing views between the site manager, and tradesman, and customer, a fourth balancing priority has been added to the company mission statement. The company will seek to create meaningful employment for the worker on the site, which will allow for personal growth, and empower the worker to reach significant personal goals. The first way the company can foster this change is to offer reimbursement for successfully completed college level, or trade school training courses. More specific elements of these changes affect work site staff, and are detailed in Job Foreman and Incentive Program sections below.Changes in Site Managers / Estimators Job ResponsibilitiesThe site managers will be entrusted in the everyday decisions which cannot be resolved by...

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