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Growth Of The City Of Manchester, England

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Manchester DBQ
During the nineteenth century, Manchester, England became an increasingly industrialized city, and its population rose considerably. Although the industrialization of Manchester was extremely successful for the modernization of society, Manchester’s growth also raised many problems in society. Many different problems arose due to the industrialization of Manchester; however the conditions of the industrialization were viewed differently by different people. Some people wrote and spoke positively of the effects of industrialization, mostly in reference to the improvement of working conditions, and medicine, others wrote about social issues emphasizing the degradation of ...view middle of the document...

3). Macaulay’s statements were biased, however, because he was a member Parliament. He would have been better off if the factory system continued, and he being a liberal would have been more prone to encourage change and industrialism, because those were important ideas of liberalism at the time. Wheelan and Co supported the industrialization of Manchester, and they said that Manchester had perhaps the most remarkable features in England (doc. 9). Wheeland and Co also related the idea that there was “scarcely a country” that Manchester’s booming economy had not penetrated (doc. 9). Wheelan and Co was biased in saying these things, however, because they were a company in Manchester, and they would gain from a positive image of industrialization, because they were part of industry, and if industry had a positive image, they would be in a better condition to continue their business, and make money. People and countries who conveyed positive ideas concerning the growth of Manchester usually did it for their own gain.
Some people wrote about the social issues surrounding the growth of Manchester, especially about the degradation of civilization, and people. Robert Southey, an English Romantic poet who visited Manchester called Manchester “destitute”, he also conveyed the idea that society was degrading and said “When the bell rings, it is to call the wretches to their work instead of their prayers”, he was saying that work had taken over people’s lives(doc. 2). Southey could have been biased, because he was a Romantic poet, and a Romantic people believe in looking to the past do determine what to do in the future. He is against the growth, and industrialization of Manchester, because it completely contradicts pre-Enlightenment ideals, popular among Romantics. Alexander Tocqueville, a French visitor to Manchester wrote about the awful outward appearance of Manchester, and he related the idea that nobody was participating in any leisurely activities, and nobody was taking part in any “simple enjoyment in the surrounding country” (doc. 5). This was a social issue because people were no longer getting out, and enjoying being outside, and interacting, they were stuck in factories all day instead. Tocqueville also stated that “Here humanity attains its most complete development, and its most brutish” (doc. 5). He was saying that although humanity had developed, it was rather unpleasant. Tocqueville probably was not biased in the things he said, and should be considered pretty reliable, because he had no relation to the inner workings of the city, he was simply a visitor. Frances Anne...

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