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Growth Of The Computer Industry Essay

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The computer industry has experienced an impressive growth within the past 15 years. In our case, laptops fall under the category of computers as well. Even though computers had first come out in the mid 19th century, there has been a huge augmentation of ‘advanced’ computers/laptops in recent times. From 1936 to 1980, computers weren’t mainly used by the public. The very first system was not even considered a computer, but a mere 30 ton numerical calculator that worked through 18, 000 vacuum tubes. “The first true computers were developed in the US to perform the complex calculations required for the building of the atomic and hydrogen bombs (WSW).” In the ‘60s and ‘70s, the computer was still very similar; it was very large in size and not useful to the normal citizen. It wasn’t until 1981 when IBM came out with their Personal Computer. The computer was so vital to society; it was named “Person of the Year” by TIME magazine in 1982. At that time, people believed the computer would revolutionize the way people think and they were absolutely correct. In TIME (1982), Charles Lecht quotes, "Computers help teach kids to think. Beyond that, they motivate people to think.”
From a public point of view, it seems as though that Mac and PC are the leading competitors. Because there are only one or two other operating systems in the industry, we can categorize this industry as oligopolistic. As we discuss the computer industry, we will mainly focus on the large and big-name companies in the United States. These include Microsoft, Apple, and Google. To begin, Microsoft supports about 54,000 jobs in the United States. These jobs include Sales, Software Engineering, Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance, and many others (Microsoft Careers/News Center). “Microsoft generates about $628K in revenue per employee (Devdaily).” Employment includes the highest position at CEO to the lowest position at Fake Worker. To avoid redundancy, Apple and Google are very similar when it comes to employment. However, Apple and Google actually exceed Microsoft in revenue. These two companies, surprisingly, make double the amount of revenue in comparison to Microsoft (per employee). One may ask how this is possible? Well, in simple terms, companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google are driven by innovation.
According to Steve Jobs (CEO and Founder of Apple), “You need a very product-oriented culture, even in a technology company. Lots of companies have tons of great engineers and smart people. But ultimately, there needs to be some gravitational force that pulls it all together (Businessweek).” Secondly, Apple is a perfect example of a company that has a goal. They not only want to maximize profits, but also make the greatest PC (for computers). Unlike many companies, they do not want to be the richest and biggest company in the market. Their innovation is produced through dedication. Other factors include process, teamwork, and passion. ...

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