Development Of The Scales Of Organizational Effectiveness

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Researchers have observed that measuring and evaluation of the organizational effectiveness is an ongoing process. (Steers, 1976) Moreover the measurement factors vary from organization to organization, sector to sector and may involve various functions and areas of an organization. (Zammuto, 1984). Researches have also stated that when conducting a study on organizational effectiveness it is important to specify if the variables selected would predict or indicate effectiveness. (Cameron, 1986) However as the Miles' Ecology Model (Miles 1980) allows the definition of organizational effectiveness to be reflected by the "user"-values and not by the "expert"-values. The variables thus, selected in the current study are used as typical in nature because of two reasons. Firstly, the variance in organizational designs and diversity in the organizational values exist in the current study. As two different service sector organizations i.e. (Health and Education) have different structural design in public as well as in private sector. The values of such types of organizations may have a strong influence on the variables of organizational effectiveness. According to Martin, Sitkin and Boehm (1984) "strong" cultures may have a different degree effect on the stage of the organizational life-cycle by toughening organizations against the difficult times and by improving their overall effectiveness. Another important factor of using typical nature variables or attributes is that employee loyalty may be different in different organizational design and value system, as represented by research work in the area of organizational commitment to effectiveness outcomes (Zahra 1984; Reichers 1985). Secondly, the typical variables are used because of the values between means and ends change in different perspectives. As one variable may be a mean in one perspective and an end or goal in another. Indeed, it is often not possible to make general statements about whether a variable is of one type or the other, is a predictor variable or an indicator variable.

The model which is followed for the development of the typical organizational effectiveness scale is the Quinn and Rohrbaugh "Spiral Model" of organizational effectiveness (See Chapter 2). The typical organizational variables are mapped into four dimensions of organizational effectiveness functions. A total of 44 attributes are given in the four dimensions of spiral model derived from the historical list of criteria of prior researches on organizational effectiveness. Out of these typical variables 28 items were selected for the current study. Most of these have a typical relation with the performance indicators perceived by the young employees (See Chapter 2). The following is the detail of 28 items included in the study instrument sub section wise.

1. Human Resource Functions

This section contains the typical Human resource related attributes exiting in the spiral model of organizational effectiveness...

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