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Gryphons Are Beasts Of Majesty In Greek Mythology

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Gryphons are beasts of majesty and regality. They are seen multiple times throughout history in greek mythology and as symbols in medieval periods. They are often used to represent strength, royalty, and courage as a way of reflecting the Gryphon’s traits onto those who bare it as a symbol. The focus of this article will be mainly on its greek interactions but will also touch base on its interaction with the Medieval ages.
Gryphons are creatures that originate from greek mythology. They are described as an animal that is part lion and part eagle while being described by many sources as being the size of a wolf. Its head is that of an eagle while its body is that of a lion. Its feet bare ...view middle of the document...

The pulling of these 3 god’s chariots is largely associated with the rising and setting of the sun throughout greek history(Spaid). Another reason they are often connected with the sun is because of the sun’s golden color. It is believed they love the sun just as much as actual gold due to their similarity in appearance.
While Gryphon’s are associated with Apollo, Zeus, and Nemesis for the rising of the sun they are also greatly connected to them and other gods for their other traits.
One of the conflicts that arose from their love for gold was with creatures called Arimaspians, otherwise known as Cyclops. Many Cyclops would mount their horses and attempt to raid the nests of the Gryphons for their gold. Many times the they would return empty handed due to the dedication of gryphons to their gold and their natural strength to fight off invaders. These raids caused Gryphons to have a hatred for all Arimaspians. This also caused Gryphons to despise horses. Arimaspians would always be on horseback. The belief is that the majestic creature started associating the horses with raids and cyclops and extended their hatred to them as well(Spaid).
Another creature that Gryphons come into vicious conflict are the Amazons. Amazons were tall and proud warrior women. Amazons are said to represent the moon. One thing that is believed is that the Amazons name came from the Armenian word for moon which is “maza”. This is where an avoidable conflict is created between the Gryphons, creatures of the sun, and the Amazons, women of the moon(Spaid). Many pieces of art from the past can be found depicting scenes of Gryphons locked in combat with the Amazons and Cyclops.
During Medieval times items like claws or feathers from a Gryphon were said to have magical properties. One trait that was attributed to the Gryphon is that it would change color when it was near poison. People were said to fashion cups out of Gryphon claws or to put one of their claws in their drink so that they would know if it was poisoned or not. Gryphons feathers were said to be able to restore sight to those that were blind(Spaid).

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Gryphons are beasts of majesty and regality. They are seen multiple times throughout history in greek mythology and as symbols in medieval periods. They are often used to represent strength,...

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