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As discussed above, it’s clear that the key issues George has been experiencing from his first day of employment at ABC Consulting are due to the lack of motivation, effective communication, conflict resolution and organisational leadership from his project team members: Daniel, the project manager, and Janet, the client manager. It’s also evident that ABC Consulting didn’t provide George clear indications of the organisation’s vision and his specific role in that vision, or the necessary resources and continual feedback to achieve successful completion of his client report; all in which affected his overall performance, engagement, behaviour and attitude towards his job (McShane, Olekalns & Travaglione 2013, p. 138). These four influences didn’t improve throughout the duration of George’s three month probation. As a result, he ultimately resigns from his role as management consultant.

As a team of six specialists in management and organisational behaviour, we’re presenting suggested strategies below for ABC Consulting to focus on; to ensure current and new employees have an effective, positive experience, and to help prevent the reoccurrence of the situation that George experienced:

A) Introduce an orientation/induction program for welcoming new employees to the workplace, addressing clear explanations of the organisation’s vision and mission statements, and ensuring employees gain a thorough understanding of the organisation’s history, policy and procedures. An orientation/induction plan that’s well-structured reduces the initial anxiety all new employees feel when they begin a new role, and assist new employees to adapt quickly and experience a smooth transition into the organisation (Robbins et al. 2012, p. 166).

B) Deliver unambiguous, accurate role perceptions to employees so that they fully understand of their assigned tasks in their roles and the standard of work expected in order to perform well (McShane, Olekalns & Travaglione 2013, p. 39). George voluntarily spent extra time after hours working hard on what he believed nailed an excellent client report. The end result was that Daniel and Janet weren’t impressed. From day one of being assigned to a project team, George didn’t receive appropriate guidance on what he was required to achieve or at the level of quality that’s expected of him by his project team members. George sustained his efforts up until he submitted the completed client report two days before it was due, but he entirely lost motivation and enthusiasm for the job from...

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