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Gta? Why Graphical Entertainment Is Good For Us?

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24, ER, House, The Apprentice, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. We are constantly bombarded with opinions like,' ours is an age besotted with graphical entertainment' or ' how today's TV trash harms America.' Each of us in our subconscious thinks playing games or watching TV is a useless activity. You worry about how a game influences you while you play. You worry that you could be those people committing those crimes in the game. Worry no more! Science is no your side and you can get play without feeling guilty.You are in a revolution of media where entertainment is getting more complex. You do not notice that you are getting smarter by what your parents define as,' junk'. The media is pumping stories about how children have killed people because of games. Yet what is the possibility of meeting a person who has actually murdered a person because of video games? Let's look more broadly. Have any of you met a person who has killed a person? In reality it would be rare. Now think about how many people the games have influenced people to kill. I would probably put the guess at around. Hmmm. 10000? That is a big figure. You may think that the violent games are dangerous because they have killed people anyway no matter what the probability is.How about books? Books have been documented to kill millions of people. For example Mein Kampf, the Communist Manifesto, Das Kapital and Quotations from Chairman Mao. As Gonzalo Frasca, a researcher on ludology said,' books have been documented to have killed dozens of millions of Native Americans, Jews and a bunch of Communists, non-Communists and anti-Communists.' The influence of books dwarves the influence of videogames. So I say to you. Burn the libraries and keep books away from people. Become an illiterate person. Think about how many people you would be saving. In reality you would not stop reading. So that gives no reason that we should not publish such violent videogames.Education scores have dwindled and American scored has been ranked as an official low. So are we dumber? No, test scores have practically nothing to do with your IQ. James Flynn a civil right activist had found out that the American population had an increase of 13.8 IQ over 46 years. Since education scores are low there can be only one thing attributed to our development. The environment. The environment attributes to our mental diet. Improved standards of living allow us to have time to enjoy ourselves. When we do we are always being challenged through media and...

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