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Guardian angel.--------------- The anaesthetic wore off and I began to wake. As that distinct hospital smell crept up my nose, I snapped into consciousness. All the memories of the past few hours came flooding back. I had been play-wrestling with my cousin when he accidentally kicked me in the groin. Unfortunately the kick landed quite hard and had caused internal bleeding, hence I had needed emergency surgery. The first hour or so of consciousness I spent talking to (and being comforted) by some friends who were visiting, and by my mother. They soon had to leave though and so I fell deep into thought. I'm the type of person who believes that everything happens for a reason, so I began asking myself why I had had this accident. At first my line of thinking was that of, "What is the message for me here?", or "Am I being punished?", but then an intuitive truth struck me. Something told me that I NEEDED to be here in this hospital right now. All I had to do was figure out why. I slowly propped myself up with my pillows and rested back on them. For the first time since I had woken up I looked around the ward. The huge ward was divided into sections, with six beds in each section. There were two beds to my left and three beds opposite from me. All the beds were full, except for the one directly opposite me. As you would expect, seeing as I was in the "Urological" ward, I was surounded by old men. Digging into my intuition I searched for the reason I was here, but I found no answer. It left me quite confused. My mind wondered off for a while as I watched a new patient being wheeled in. The newcomer was surrounded by nurses and a doctor. My interest grew when I realised that the patient was destined for the bed opposite me. There were too many nurses and doctors bustling around the new arrival for me to get a look at him, so I decided to rest my eyes until they had finished their duties. I was woken up by a bright light and someone calling my name. The light, I discovered was simply the lighting in the room, for it had got dark. I must have been asleep for hours. But who was calling my name? I didn't recognize the voice. Clearing the sleep from my eyes I pushed myself up into a comfortable sitting position. It took me a few seconds for my head to clear, but I soon found the person who was calling my name. It was a nurse. But she wasn't standing over MY bed. She was standing over the bed opposite me. The quiet was suddenly broken with the sound of a crying boy. The patient opposite me was a little boy, and his name was Michael?! Was this a coincidence? Or was he the reason why I was here? A calm enveloped me as I had at last found someone I could relate to, and possibly care for. The boy was lying down so I could not see his face, but from the length of his body under the sheets I figured he was about six or seven years old. He was crying for his mum, but she was...

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