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Guardians Of Earth Essay

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The Making
There was nothing in the world, no creatures, no creatures, no plants, no mountains,
no sky, no water, no air, no universe.
There was nothing at all, until the day a god got bored of all.
For this god was young and did not know better, he wanted to be strong.
He wanted to prove to the other gods he was stronger than them.
Out of his wits he created the Earth and the rest of the universe.
Just as he wanted, the gods saw him the most powerful of them all,
and proclaimed him Luminous, king of the gods and of all earth’s creatures.

Respect the God
Now Luminous knew the people would not fear him unless he showed,
the awesome, god power he possessed in his own god form to the ...view middle of the document...

They got to the edge of the forest, where they saw gigantic monsters,
that they knew came from the darkest part of the universe.
The four goddesses tried to summon Luminous to guard off
The monsters, only to find out he, himself, called them to
Give to Earth as a mocking gift of peace and prosperity.

A Vision
Distraught by the sight of the devious creatures,
they didn’t know what to think until their sudden vision.
The vision was from Odious, god of wisdom and virtue,
he told them Luminous was possessed by Destro, god of death and
destruction. Destro was the cause of the disasters that happened.
The gods would have to unite to overpower Destro to bring Earth peace,
but the goddesses would need their powers, luckily the powers
Had not left them and thanks to Odious, they were immortal again.
The most important thing now was to survive and reach the heavens.

Luminous and Destro
While Destro was taking Luminous’ body, Luminous still had his
conscience, and was trying to overcome Destro’s possession in him.
Luminous’ want of power and strength made him vulnerable of
being possessed and now Earth had to take the devastating punishment.
He had been greedy and selfish making the planet only for praise and
to show off. That had been an invitation to come and possess Luminous,
for Destro was greedy, unfair, cruel, and only thought of himself, always.

The women would need weapons, to fight off...

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