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No 7. The guerrilla wins if he does not lose, and the conventional army loses if it does not win.

'We Fought a military war; Opponents our Fought a political one. We sought physical attrition, Opponents Aimed for our psychological exhaustion. In the process, we lost sight of one of the cardinal maxims of guerilla war. The guerilla wins if he does not lose, the conventional army loses if it does not win. The North Vietnamese used their forces the way a bullfighter uses its cape - to keep us lunging into areas of marginal political importance. ' (Kissinger, 1969, 214)

When I first read the statement above, actually a bit confusing for personnel and soldiers who does not understand the tactics and strategy of guerrilla and conventional warfare. How can guerilla wins if he does not lose, the conventional army loses if it does not win. After I analysis that statement, it is indeed true, as guerrilla warfare is really a protracted war where there is no time limit in the implementation, expected outcomes , namely the guerrilla attacks launched by the enemy will decrease morale to fight and eventually they will resign or lose . Whereas in a conventional war period became a major factor in achieving the end result , and characterized by destruction of the opponent's strength or lack of ability to fight again in accordance with the specified time limit . To understand this statement , then I will try to give some idea or explanation according to which I have knowledge .

To facilitate the understanding of this essay , then I made a few parts in accordance with the relevant material . First , the meaning of victory in war . Second , the strategy and tactics of guerrilla and conventional warfare . Third , background selection and conventional guerrilla tactics in the war . Fourth, the case study of the Vietnam War - America. Lastly, I will convey the conclusion of this essay .

1 . Meaning of Victory in War of words ...... 261

War is a way to achieve political goals of a country . Where the decision for war was not in the hands of politicians dtangan military commander . But the tactics and strategy used is certainly a decision of the military commander . Here, the role of a commander to determine what strategy or tactics to use in order to win the battle so that the war can be won by his party .
The definition of the word win and a victory in guerrilla warfare and conventional war means different things both literally and under the conditions and situation of late . As said by Kissinger in his book ' ...... ' that 'the guerilla wins if he does not lose ; The conventional army loses if it does not win ' ( Kissinger 1969 , 214 ) . based on my understanding of the book , Kissinger tried to convey his opinion that the guerrilla war if the parties can continue to launch guerrilla operations / battles that they have implemented to erode and destroy the morale of enemy troops on an ongoing basis or until the opponent gave up or lost the will to...

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