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Guess Who Essay

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Introduction to Creative Writing3.18.2013Guess Who?For about five minutes, Simeon leans on the "birthday party" wallpaper eyeing this girl with a bodacious body on the dance floor. The girl is wearing black leggings, a white shirt and flats. The curves her leggings reveal remind him of a girl he grew up with back home. The white linen shirt, that she buttoned only half way, shows off her cleavage in an inviting manner. The girls' three friends whisper to her that "this boy" is watching her so she twirls and moves in a more promiscuous manner to keep his attention. Her hips move in a snake-like motion, back and forth, side to side just the way he likes. The more time passes the more sexual she becomes. Along with her snake-like movements, she flickers her long brown hair side to side waiting for her intrigued watcher to come over. While watching her, his friend Daniel interrupts…Daniel: Bro, just go talk to her. Look at how she's moving bro, She wants it!Simeon: It is not that easy I feel like I've seen her before"If you seen her before, it should be easy bro. Just trust ya' self you'll be fine.""It is like déjà vu, I have been here before watching her I just do not remember how it ends.""Well, there is only one way to find out bro. Go for it!"Simeon watches her for about another minute before he moves. The song playing is "Birthday Cake" by Rihanna. He remembers her grabbing his hand as he walked closer, he remembers dancing on her, he remembers the feeling her body gives his testicles; he remembers the tattoo of her mother on the lower left side of her back. But, he does not remember what happens when she turned around. Daniel interrupts once more…Giving him a disgusted look, "Bro, what are you waiting for?!"Looks at Daniel and asks, "What do I get if...

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