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Dinner is about communication whether it is with family or someone you have just met. You exchange stories and learn a lot about a person. So as I say this I have chosen three women to take to dinner not only because they are African American but because they are women so they had to not only deal with racism but also sexism. I am taking Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and Angela Davis out to dinner at Paschal’s Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. I am taking them here because this is a place that used to host civil rights leaders and strategists for meals when they wanted to discuss what can be done. This place has a history with the African American community so it is not only a great ...view middle of the document...

The next woman I choose is Harriet Tubman because she was raised in a normal slave situation where she had a lot of siblings and no education but still found a way to make an impact on the United States. She was a true inspirational story because even though she was illiterate her whole life she still made something of herself. She worked as a solider, a nurse, and a cook in the Army. She was also one of the people most famously known for the Underground Railroad. She helped so many escape slavery and it was such a dangerous work but she knew someone had to do it so she took the responsibility. She is so accomplished not only with the Underground Railroad but she was also the first woman to lead an armed expedition in war. Women where looked down upon in this time already without being an African American on top of that so the fact that she got this honor is extremely impressive. If I could ask her one thing it would be if she ever thought about just letting everything around her happen and give up on being treated equally? I would like to think that she would answer that she always knew that the road was going to be a long journey and that she knew it was going to be difficult but no matter what she would have never given up.
Finally we have Angela Davis that was invited because of her intelligence and fearlessness. She had an extensive education including several college degrees and even went on to teach at two different colleges in her life time. She was also the author of several novels and was not afraid to show what she believed. She was openly communist and she ran for the United States Vice President on the unsuccessful Communist Party Ticket. She knew what she believed in and fought for it even when it put her positions that left a target on her back. She was brought up on murder...

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