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There are many reasons in the world that I turned down Chester's invitation to winter formal. It wasn't because he's really weird and slightly creepy, which he totally is. It wasn't because he smells like fungus, which he does. No, I turned down Chester for two reasons and two reasons only: Cameron Labell and ,well, Cameron Labell. Cameron hadn't asked me to winter formal and he never would, but a girl can dream.

I pulled my jacket tighter around my chest. It was November, and the cold washington air bit at my ears and made me shiver. That was the downside of living near the school. No bus and no driver's licence. Seriously, being 15 during the winter months in seattle sucks. It really ...view middle of the document...

Collin Labell. Identical to his twin brother in every but one. Collin is totally and utterly gay. Lucky for me, Cameron isn't gay, just completely out of my reach. Sometimes I think I'd have a better chance with Collin. Which makes me realise just how pathetic my crush in Cameron really is.

"Congrats! Jessie owes me five bucks now." I say smiling.

"What was the bet?" He asked me. He doesn't ask why we were betting on them, however, perhaps because he was to used to Jessie and I's antics.

"I bet Collin would ask you to the dance and she bet that you would ask Collin. Clearly I know you much better."

"Clearly, because I was just about to ask Collin, but he beat me to it." Zack smirked. He loved one upping me and this was the perfect material."

"Guess I need to thank Collin then." I tell him

"Thank him for what?" A small, high-pitched voice asks. I turn around and give Jessie a hug. Jessie is 5"8' and stunning. She has every boy in school falling head over heels for her. With tan skin, Long blonde hair, and green eyes it isn't hard to see why guys fall for her. She's got the personality to go with it. Spunky, opinionated, Smart and a cheerleader, it a wonder the populars haven't abducted my best friend and given her a seat at the popular table. Oh wait, that's right! She and the head cheerleader are total enemies. Girl from the movies, anyone? Wouldn't you rather have her short, clumsy, and much nicer best friend? No of course not. Because I'm nice to everyone. Absolutely Everyone.

I point my finger at her and smile. She gives me a look that clearly says 'what?', but I don't give it away just yet.

"You owe me 5 bucks!" I say, showing her five fingers. I'm so focused on my best friend, that I don't check behind me as I walk backwards. My foot...

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