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Why Businesses Need Creativity To Be Successful

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Class: E6G
Topic 2: Businesses need to invest in creative thinking if they want to be successful.

The globalization process which is increasing throughout the last decades is a clear example of the exponential improvement in interdependence among nations. By means of this process the number os companies being opened has increased, while some of the existing became international. Due to this wide number and because of some of them are focusing on the same target audience, these companieshas had to invest in different strategies and differential to excel on each other. One of these strategies which is overlooked most of time is creativity. This essay discusses why companies should invest in creative thinking in order to be successful.
As the first reason, creativity is a feature that boosts companies market competitiveness. Among the main objectives of a company, the leadership within the market that it covers is one of the most craved purposes. Related to this, creative thinking can be responsible for propelling the company ahead to the others. Patel (cited in Business News Dialy 2013) affirms "In order to conquer these challenges, you have to use creative approaches to outsmart your competitors". This process happens because imagination generates innovation, which consequently has direct results in the competitive scenario of business. The more innovative, higher are the chances of staying within the market trend. Therefore, creative thinking is beneficial because stimulates competitiveness among entrepreneurs as well as their enterprises.
Another justification for including creativity within the company is the range of positive reflections that can be seen on the staff. Encouraging creative thinking provides employees an opportunity to give new ideas and reflects on their performance. Sternberg and Lubart (1993) believe that "people will be most creative if they are placed in a environment that fosters, accepts,...

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