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Guiding Students To Find Their Passion

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When I was a high school student, I was interested in science to a point but did not believe that I was cut out for a career in science. In fact, I did not even consider studying science in college until I participated in the Watershed Watch program at UNH. The two-week environmental science seminar was intense. Guided by experienced scientists, students were empowered to build foundational knowledge of basic information and research techniques, and used that knowledge to conduct their own scientific research. My experience in the program took my fledgling interest in botany and turned it into a viable and fascinating area of study. For months afterward, I was excitedly identifying neat plants that I saw to anyone that was around.

My goal is to extend this kind of renewed appreciation and love of science to others. I have always wanted to make some kind of positive impact in the lives of others, and I can think of no better way to achieve this than to be a high school life sciences teacher. By presenting course material in an innovative way that showcases how dynamic and fascinating the living world is, I hope to inspire my students to explore advanced study and careers in science.

At the high school level, students are at a crucial stage in their lives where they are discovering what they want out of life, but they also need support and encouragement from others if they are to reach their full potential. I will make it my mission to ensure that all of my students find the life sciences accessible and relevant to their lives.

A key factor in making life science education more accessible to students is creating a curriculum that is multidisciplinary, so that students can use their unique talents to assist them in their studies. In particular, I would like to bring an ecological perspective to the subject of biology. Basic biology is a commonly required course in many high schools, but the subject matter is often detached from the real life processes, interactions, and environments that these biological concepts exist in.

Incorporating ecology into the subject...

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