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Guilt Causes Physical, Psychological, And Emotional Damage

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As a child, your parents always told you that old moral lesson, “What goes around comes around.” Some may call it good luck or bad luck, but I refer to it as karma. When one is faced with a moral choice, he or she has to differ right from wrong. People are hesitant about making the wrong decision because the outcome you may endure is the negative feeling of guilt.
There are many symptoms that arise from guilt including depression, insomnia, and stress. Living a guilt free life is crucial to maintaining a healthy life-style and clean conscience. Guilt is an on-going issue and can be fixed. Wrong doing has more negative effects than just “What goes around comes around.” Whether you believe ...view middle of the document...

Instead, he passed away unaware he placed those feelings upon his family. Many people perceive and cope with guilt in various ways.
Guilt can turn into many psychological problems and can entirely over power ones mind. The typical reason one can feel guilt is when a situation involves right or wrong doing. It can make a reasonable situation that can be easily handled, into a harmful problem. One psychological symptom that is created from guilt is depression. “Some depressive symptoms are feeling numb, trapped, and hopeless.” (Merely Me, Depression Symptoms Series: Guilt and Shame”) Merely also stated that “Depression can lead to many effects such as aches, decrease in appetite, and insomnia. The symptoms of major depression are diminished please in most activities, fatigue, poor concentration, and recurrent thoughts of death or suicide. Depression caused by guilt can increase adrenaline-a type of stress hormone- which can increase ones risk of getting certain diseases (Merely Me). The affects that come with guilt have a tremendous affect on your mind and can unknowingly cause permanent damage if not handled properly. One should follow his or her conscious as well as their unconscious morals to follow and live a guilt free life.
Guilt can lead to not only psychological problems, but physical problems as well. Guilt is a constant nagging in ones mind and heart that is consistently eats away at ones self. Stress caused by guilt can lead to a heart attack, a stroke, cancer, and even death. Guilt can lead to extremely serious unwanted affects, so why do people continue to commit acts that cause guilt? Some may say it’s subconscious, some may say it is a part of life. However, people should look at guilt as a clinical psychological problem that still and will always be present.
There are several ways to...

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