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What would you do? Send a young boy off to die, or let him live. Twelve men sit in a room discussing about whether they should put the boy to death or let him live the rest of his life. Convicted for murder, but only nineteen. The knife was found in his father’s chest, but the fingerprints are left unfound. In the play, “Twelve Angry Men” by Reginald Rose, the jury made the right decision to acquit the boy of the murder case because of the discussion of the evidence and of the reenactments of several scenes of the murder.

Let’s start of with the witnesses and their stories. An old man, who lives one apartment above the boy’s home, claims he heard the boy scream, “I’m going to kill you,” and a second later heard a body fall. He also claims it took him 15 seconds to get to his door, and see the boy run out. The jurors were smart enough to reenact the scene and time it to see approximately about how much time it would take for an old man with two canes to get to his door. The time was exactly 39 seconds, about 40, therefore it was impossible for the old man to see the boy run out. Moving on, a woman who has known the boy his whole life has claimed she had seen the killing. She lives across from the apartment that the boy and his father live in. The jurors were able to find out that the woman had bifocals, which means she has extremely poor eyesight. She claims she was in bed, unable to fall asleep, and the instant she rolled over to where she could see through the window, she saw the boy stab his father. People with bifocals or glasses obviously take them off when they are going to sleep, therefore, the woman couldn’t have exactly identified who those people were and what was happening. All she could have seen was a blur without her bifocals on. Furthermore, the woman says she saw the murder through the last two trains of when the el train was passing by, which makes it seem even more convincible that she may have saw two people on the train doing something else instead. On page 33 of the play, Juror 8 explains that, “‘An el train takes ten seconds to pass a given point or two seconds per car. That el had been going by the old man’s window for at least six seconds and maybe more, before the body fell, according to the woman. The old man would have had to heard the boy say, ‘“I’m going to kill you,’” while the front of the el was roaring past his nose. It’s not possible that he could have heard it.” This shows that both the old man and the woman, must have been either lying or exaggerating their sides of the case. You now maybe wondering about the evidence found on the murder scene. Let’s move on to see it.

On the topic of evidence, there was actually not much found. On the scene of the murder, the knife was in the father’s chest, but at...

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