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Guilty Or Innocent? Essay

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If a mother left her six month old child alone at home, alone for seven days, would you say she is guilty or innocent of second degree murder? A woman named Mary Barnett left her six month old child at home for a week while she traveled to San Francisco to visit her fiancé. While left unattended, the child died of dehydration. Mary Barnett is being charged with second degree murder. During her trial, the jury heard from numerous witnesses, some seemed reliable and some seemed solid. The witness included Caroline, a policeman, Dr. Parker, Alice, Dr. Bloom, and of course, Mary Barnett.
The first witness to take the stand was Caroline Hospers, a neighbor of Mary Barnett. Caroline gave both opinions, and facts. Caroline seemed very biased. By saying “she was thinking only of herself” Caroline made me feel that she had some sort of a grudge with Mary before the trial even began. Although Carline gave several opinions, she also gave the jury some solid facts. Caroline stated that, “Her garbage was always filled with empty whiskey and wine bottles.” By telling this to the court, we know that Mary may have had a drinking problem.
The next witness called to the stand was Policeman A. The policeman gave only factual statements. Seeing as how he is a police officer, I find his statements to be very credible. The policeman gave some very useful facts including the autopsy report of the child. The autopsy revealed that six month old Allison died of dehydration a few days before Mary returned home. The policeman revealed to us that Mary stated she knew that she was leaving the baby alone for a while.
Dr. Parker was the next witness to deliver his evidence to the jury. Dr. Parker is a psychiatrist who interviewed Mary four times in the last three months before the trial. Dr. Parker gave more opinions than facts. He said that in his opinion, “she knew what she was doing and what the consequences of her actions would be. She was aware that she was leaving her child unattended and that the child would be in great danger.” The policemans statement confirms Dr. Parkers opinion. Dr. Parkers statements are credible because he says, “I am a...

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