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"Guitar Highway Rose" By Brigid Lowry: What Are The Issues Of Teenagers Revolving Around Their Relationship, Teenage Rebellion? What Is Intertextuality?

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The storylineThe book "Guitar Highway Rose" talks about teenage rebellion, their experiences, relationships and thoughts about everyday life. Asher and Rosie are both fifteen and are the central characters in this narrative.Rosie and her mother can at times not want to look at each other. Her mum thinks that she is a bad mother because Rosie never obeys her, they argue nearly every time they so much as glance at each other. Asher seems to be the same story as Rosie, but he wants his mum to let him grow up and do stuff his way for example Malvina doesn't tell Asher about anything that is upsetting her like the lady that is said to be going out with Nigel and she acts normal when he is around and smiles, but sits there drinking wine feeling sorry for herself.The story line is very interesting, I can relate to it because sometimes I don't like my parents just by the things they do, like they don't let me play my Playstation unless I do all my homework, not until the weekend arrives then I can play and I can't annoy the heck out of them. It's very engaging because the characters are realistic, they can't do anything I wouldn't be able to do like write and talk to my friends. Once a problem has met a resolution there always seems to be another lined up to take its place for example after Rosie pierced her nose Asher got his uniform pass and ran away for the first time. It's also very true to life because everyday has new problems and experiences that we have to face.The charactersAll the characters are interesting especially Rosie and Asher because they are not very different to anyone else that I know so which makes them real to life, they also love music Asher likes the Doors and Rosie loves the Cranberries, otherwise they like just having fun with their friends. "Battered panda bear named Hartley, black docs, grubby sneakers, red sandals. Desk with huge amount of stuff on it. Cherry Ripe wrapper and a loose tampon." The use of listing informs us that Rosie doesn't care about the things she doesn't think are important Rosie doesn't think keeping your room clean is an important thing at all so she doesn't clean up her room.Rosie punctuates her sentences; she also has a lot of stars and decorations that she puts near her writing. These decorations make it clear that it was written by a girl, the decorations also express if she is in a good mood or not. If she thinks something is bad or negative she puts a skull next to the title but if it's a good idea she puts a star next to the title.This use of symbolism expresses her feelings to a particular subject, then making it more personal because of the pictures, for example you wouldn't write your nickname all over a confidential government file but you might with your journal to give a personal feel to make it "your own" because no one else would have that nickname. I dunno why dad is looking atAsher seems to be a different story when he is writing he doesn't put up the decorations and the little...

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