Guitar Meets The Piano Essay

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It has been a long time since I have challenged myself to fulfill something out of my customary schedule. Bringing music closer into my life, would be something I would thank myself for in the future. I have been playing the guitar since I was twelve, and when I was younger my brother had taught me how to play the piano. However, I have had a piano sitting against a wall in my room, and it has now been four years since I have played it. So, for the past twenty one days, I have challenged myself to re-learn the piano. Throughout my process, I found many similarities and differences between learning how to play the guitar and learning how to play the piano.
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After long sessions of practicing, it became very exciting to be able to play the songs I have been wanting to play. However, I encountered another hurdle when practicing.
Things tend to brake, and fortunately a guitar can be easily fixed. Whenever a string breaks on my guitar, I can buy new ones and replace them. I now have been changing the strings on my guitar for five years and I have not had a problem. I also have easy access to other accessories such as cleaning supplies and tuners. On the other hand, a piano can be a pain. When I was practicing a song, I had found a key that was not playing. In that moment, it crossed my mind that I would not be able to complete the song. Keys on a piano, unlike strings on a guitar, are not replaceable. Or at least, not that easily. There is nothing much I can do when it comes to fixing a piano, and there is not a lot to maintain it in good condition. Although the piano can be hard to maintain, like the guitar, it can be customized. It can be customized from different sizes, colors, and body styles. Of course, the best way to customize is the way in which to play the instrument.
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