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Gulf By Robert Westall Essay

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Gulf by Robert Westall

Gulf by Robert Westall is a breathtaking novel seen through the eyes
of a boy named Tom. In this story Tom gives a recount of the past
events of his life during the Gulf war. In this essay I will be
looking closely at Tom’s little brother Andy A.K.A Figgis and how he
and his family change during this book. This story revolves around a
boy named Figgis who has the strange supernatural ability to look into
other people’s lives; in their eyes. The problem starts when Figgis
starts to see the life of a small boy soldier in Iraq. The boy named
Latif slowly takes over Figgis’ body.

Figgis is strange but smart character which makes him very
interesting. The thing that makes Figgis slightly different from other
people is his special ability to see what other people are seeing many
miles away. Figgis is brought up in a mainstream family who care very
much for him. Figgis’ brother Tom cares about him the most as they
share a special bond. The bond was created from the minute Figgis was
born. The relationship happened because; before Figgis was born Tom
had an imaginary friend to keep him company, he was very close to this
friend and when Figgis came along he replaced Tom’s imaginary friend.
Ever since they have kept that special relationship. An important
thing that the reader learns from the start of this story is that you
can still be loved or liked very much no matter how different you can
be from other people.

During the first few chapters Tom gives the reader several things
that build up and prepare them for what is about to happen. The things
that help prepare...

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