Gulfstream Aerospace Marketing Plans Essay

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Business to Business Marketing Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
"The flattening of the corporate organization requires key managers and leaders to travel. These executives are giving all their time and the company is enhancing its investment with improved time of travel using business aircraft,"- Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.In today's business scenario, leadership teams are shrinking. That means fewer people make the business happen. High salaries make executives' time cost a major concern - shareholders get mad if the executive gets paid big dollars and he doesn't deliver. The cost of wasted travel time becomes a significant issue. Businesses are penetrating areas where the airlines don't go without taking an extra day to get there. And, there is no question the economy is becoming more international. Getting to several destinations within a foreign region in a timely manner is important. That is especially true in marketplaces like the Pacific Rim, The Middle East and Eastern Europe. Yet, there is acknowledged fear of the poor safety record of many international regional air carriers.We are moving more and more into a market-driven economy. There is a proliferation of competitors. Personal contact makes the competitive difference. In emerging markets, personal contact by top-level executives is essential. Without that contact opportunities may be missed and management will make bad decisions. We can develop the response to the specific concerns of that customer. The conflict that today's leaders face is how to respond in a market- driven economy and run the business and that requires time and mobility . And hence the need of reliable, cost effective as well as convenient mode of travel to far off places having less or even no connectivity is of prime importance.WHEN AND WHERE - THE VALUE OF BUSINESS AIRCRAFTThere are two basic kinds of business aircraft use: strategic and operational. Strategic trips have high risk or reward opportunities. Strategic trips often include customer interface and typically have extraordinary time pressures associated with them - to the point that travel costs are lesser importance in comparison to the potential outcome.In a strategic situation the aircraft is much like a fire truck. It gets the right people where they need to be when they need to be there. Strategic value is not measured in miles traveled or in number of passengers carried. The value is in creating the desired outcome.On the other hand, operational trips are usually part of running the business. Total door-to-door cost is a strong element in deciding the mode of travel for operational trips. Business aircraft are routinely cost effective on operation trips that include several medium-to-high-cost people going to multiple destinations over a one-or two day period. Business aircraft can also be very cost-effective on regional out-and-back trips to destination not served directly by the airlines.The tangible and intangible value of travel can be...

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