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The Gulliver's first and second voyages are full of similarities and contrasts. They reveal the reciprocal relationships between people. Moreover, they display how people behave and deal with others. I have selected Lilliput and Brogdingnag to discuss the similarities and then contrasts in both countries such as Gulliver's stature, imprisonment, pocketing, transportation, tailoring, entertainment, and freedom.

Gulliver is the only character whose stature doesn't change in both countries. When he arrives at Lilliput, the inhabitants are midgets while he is a giant. He is treated badly and taken as a prisoner by tying him down to the ground, then as a guest and like a criminal. Similarly, when he arrives at Brogdingnag, he finds the inhabitants are giants while his statute becomes very small compared to them. That is, he is a midget. The giants treat him as a prisoner. They sell him to the Queen and becomes her guest. In Lilliput, Gulliver puts five midgets into his pocket. In Brogdingnag, a reaper puts Gulliver into his pocket.

There are another issues that occur in both Lilliput and Brogdingnag. For examples; Gulliver plays many jokes in both countries. In the Lilliput, he avoids trampling on the Lilliputians. He is feared and admired for his large stature. In Brogdingnag, he fears being trampled on and treated as a midget. In the Lilliput, he takes a model of livestock to England to make money. In Brogdingnag, the farmer puts Gulliver on display to make money.

The craft of tailoring is established in Lilliput. When Gulliver arrives, the midgets make him clothes. In Brobdingnag, clothes are made for him, too. In both countries, the craft of entertainment is very interesting to the royal families. They entertain themselves with shows and music. Gulliver is ordered to entertain the emperor and his wife in the Lilliput. Similarly, he does so in Brobdingnag where he entertains his mistress by playing on the piano.

Freedom is a right for all human beings. Gulliver is tied down to the ground at his advent to the Lilliput, then tied to an temple where he has limited space to move into. He begs the emperor to set him free. Similarly, he begs the king of Brobdingnag to set him free. So, the king orders for a ship to be brought to the city. It is enough to cease discussing more similarities and start to...

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